Mailbox Access Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Monitor Exchange Mailbox Access Events

Exchange servers contain sensitive and critical information that needs constant monitoring for security and compliance reasons. If this data is lost or compromised, it can disrupt operations or expose legal and regulatory liabilities. Netwrix Auditor allows to monitor Exchange mailbox events to ensure you are always compliant and keeping this data safe from those who should not be accessing it.

Mailbox access auditing is more important than ever before. More and more organizations are finding that native tools, while having improved over the years, still fall short at meeting their security and compliance targets. For these reasons, Exchange mailbox auditing is an important security and compliance activity.

This tool empowers Exchange administrators to maintain security and confidentiality over their messaging infrastructure. It also provides reporting to demonstrate compliance to auditors and management.

Detailed Exchange auditing can confirm changes are not putting your data and organization at risk. Netwrix Auditor reports WHO changed WHAT, WHEN and WHERE on all mailboxes across the Exchange environment.

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