Minimize the Risk from Admin Activity with Privileged Access Management Software

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Minimize security risk related to privileged access

A whopping 74% of data breaches start with privileged credential abuse. Since privileged accounts are so powerful, a single misuse or compromise can lead to a data breach or costly business disruption. Even if you keep privileged credentials in a vault, the accounts still exist and can be compromized by attackers. How do you know that privileged activity is not putting your organization at risk? Netwrix can help you reduce the risk inherent in privileged accounts.

Eliminate standing privileges altogether
Reduce privileged access security risks by removing standing privileged accounts. Instead, create on-demand accounts that have just enough access for the task at hand and are deleted automatically afterward. Alternatively, elevate user access permissions for an existing account just enough to perform a required task and revoke the additional rights automatically when the session is over.
Regain control over privileged accounts
Know exactly who has access to critical systems, track membership in the powerful Domain Admin group in Active Directory, get a list of service accounts and more, so you can reduce elevated access to the absolute minimum and maintain a least-privilege access state to keep identity security risks low.
Enhance admin accountability
Reduce security risks, such as the risk of sensitive data being exposed because a privileged user improperly modified system configuration settings, either maliciously or by mistake. See exactly what privileged activity is happening across your systems with live or retrospective session monitoring.
Minimize your attack surface with automatic cleanup
Mitigate the risk of pass-the-hash, Golden Ticket and related attacks with automatic purging of Kerberos tickets after each privileged session. Avoid unsanctioned privileged remote access by automatically disabling RDP on the server after an administrative task is completed.
Protect your service accounts
Since service and built-in accounts are always on and have access to critical infrastracture and apps, they are an attractive target for attackers. Protect these accounts by rotating their passwords from one place; receive an alert if the process is disrupted so you can pause the process and roll back any unwanted changes.

Improve both team performance and security

Improving the security of privileged access is often associated with extra effort. Netwrix can help you enhance security — while also improving IT productivity and service uptime.

Save time on privilege management
Reclaim all the time you currently spend jumping from system to system to make sure there is no unnecessary privilege and that privileged credentials are updated, thanks to centralized privileged account management.
Minimize service outages during password rotations
While network failure or some other issue could disrupt the password rotation process for service accounts, you don’t have to worry that critical business services might stop working and the cost of the business disruption will snowball while you are investigating and fixing the issue — you can pause and roll back the changes before your users even notice a problem.
Streamline the approval process for privileged access
Instead of having users bombard you with access requests that you might overlook or forget about, implement a tiered process for request submission and approval or denial that ensures only trusted personnel gain secure access to critical resources and no unauthorized privilege elevation takes place.
Reduce adoption overhead
Empower your team to keep working the way they are used to, but more securely, by enabling them to launch privileged sessions right from their tool of choice, such as Remote Desktop Connection Manager. If you use the Microsoft LAPS password management solution to manage local Administrator accounts, you don’t need to abandon the process you’ve built — simply make it more secure by integrating it with the Netwrix PAM solution.
Bring your own vault
Reduce the risk of privileged credentials being compromised or misused while still using the tools you already have by integrating the Netwrix privileged access management software with your current password vault. Alternatively, you can use our vault or go completely vaultless — the choice is yours.

Pass compliance audits with less effort

Many compliance regulations require strict privileged access control, and it is a frequent focus for auditors. But it’s hard to get it right, especially given the growing complexity of IT environments. The Netwrix platform can help you avoid audit findings and provide solid proof that privileged activity in your organization is not creating cybersecurity threats.

Make compliance audits a no-brainer
Avoid audit findings by making sure you know about all the admin, service and other privileged accounts in your IT ecosystem at any given moment, and that you’ve removed any unneeded privileged identities and reliably secured the ones that need to exist.
Answer auditors’ questions with less effort
Be prepared for tricky questions from auditors with an easy-to-pull audit trail of the activity of all privileged users, from the initial request for privileged access and who approved it, through all actions taken, including changes to files or local groups, to account deletion afterward.
Support investigations with video recording
Have reliable proof handy in case of investigation with the ability to record and play back privileged sessions.

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