User Activity Video Recording with Netwrix Auditor

Privileged user monitoring: recording, search, and replay

Complete visibility over critical IT systems can be difficult, inefficient, and expensive. Critical systems require administrators to utilize extensive permissions allowing them to circumvent any change and configuration auditing. Additionally, many critical applications do not create event logs or the logs they do create are not easily accessible by an auditing solution.

Netwrix Auditor records dynamic screen activity, providing essential auditing visibility to critical applications that are not accessible through traditional event-log-based auditing solutions.

Like scenes in a movie, Netwrix VideoScape™ technology embeds key metadata allowing the viewer to fast-forward to a specific activity (such as an application opened or a process started) for forensic review rather than filtering through thousands of hours of activity. Netwrix software for privileged user monitoring helps you audit remote access by recording remote desktop, Radmin, and Citrix sessions, providing oversight of user activity during remote connections.

This feature is available in the Netwrix Auditor solutions for:

For any critical IT system, it is vital to have a complete audit trail of 'Who, What, When and Where' so changes that may risk security and compliance do not go undetected, compromising auditing requirements and troubleshooting. Netwrix Auditor is an excellent complement to traditional configuration and change auditing solutions because it provides oversight for applications that may not produce logs or do not provide enough insight into user activity.

Key Benefits:

  • Netwrix Auditor acts like a surveillance camera for your servers, recording all user activity for later review.
  • Track activities with critical applications that do not produce event logs using our powerful server auditing tool.
  • Audit remote access of privileged users: record and monitor Citrix and RDP sessions.
  • Netwrix VideoScape™ playback technology lets you jump to a specific activity and watch the actual actions performed as if you were there directly viewing the user's screen at the time the action took place. See what your IT administrators saw, on screen, at the specific time a critical change was performed.
  • Netwrix VideoScape™ technology captures the specific start and stop point of critical activities and organizes the videos in a way that is easy to use, locate, and review.
  • Monitoring is application-specific and can be activated (or left inactive) depending on functions that need to be monitored.
  • Monitoring is also user-specific, especially useful for tracking administrators as well as third-party users such as vendors and contractors.

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