Detecting Threats Faster with User Activity Monitoring

You need to be the first to know about any deviation from normal user activity, whether it’s unwarranted inheritance of new privileges on your file servers or an unauthorized change to Windows Server configuration. But are you sure you’re aware of all user behavior in your IT environment? Can you positively say that no suspicious change or unauthorized access can go under your radar? If you do not have monitoring of user activities enabled, you simply can’t be confident about the security of systems and information across your IT environment. Fortunately, there are tools that will help you gain peace of mind by delivering reliable user activity monitoring (UAM).

Spotting suspicious user activity with monitoring software from Netwrix

The unified Netwrix Auditor platform overcomes the limitations of other user activity monitoring tools by delivering 360-degree visibility into the actions users are performing in your IT ecosystem and keeping you informed about suspicious activity that can result in security incidents that put your data and applications at risk. With Netwrix Auditor, you can:

  • Easily keep an eye on user activity with predefined reports and dashboards that detail what changes were made across your critical systems, who logs on to your sensitive applications, who has tried to access your sensitive files, and when and where each action took place.
  • Quickly detect anomalous user behavior that could signal a threat with Netwrix Auditor’s User Behavior and Blind Spot Analysis reports. Have these easy-to-read reports delivered automatically on the schedule you choose, and protect your critical assets.
  • Chase down suspicious activity by searching through audit data with the Google-like interactive search.
  • Rapidly detect and respond to unauthorized and suspicious changes or access attempts with custom threshold-based alerts and alerts on critical actions.


Enabling privileged user screen monitoring with user activity video recording

Once you have efficient audit of regular user activity in place according to best practices, you still need to make sure that your privileged users are not misusing their rights. To monitor user activity across Windows Server and other critical systems even more closely than report data allows, you can record and replay video records of the screen activity of your admins. This capability supports security investigations by providing evidence of whether permission changes or unnecessary data access occurred during a user session. You can watch the actual activity performed across your IT resources, because the video recording capability from Netwrix works like a surveillance camera to ensure you are on top of the game.

Learn more about how Netwrix Auditor can help you spot and block risky user actions before they put your IT ecosystem at risk.