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A new release is available now. Find out what’s new in Netwrix Auditor – Data Discovery & Classification Edition.
Detect & Investigate
Abnormal User
with 360-degree Visibility
Introducing Netwrix Auditor 8.5.
The only visibility
and governance
platform for hybrid cloud security
What's new
Secure identities and data
in the Microsoft cloud with Netwrix
Auditor for Azure AD.
Protect your structured data
against exfiltration with Netwrix
Auditor for Oracle Database.
Detect insider threats or external
attacks in progress with the new
security analytics capability.
Get the most from your existing
IT security ecosystem with new
add-ons for SIEM integration.

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Secure identities and data in the cloud

Support your move to the cloud with proper security controls over Azure
AD and SharePoint Online
to thwart threats and make better data access
governance decisions.

Netwrix Auditor for
Azure AD
Delivers actionable intelligence about what’s going on in Azure Active Directory, enabling you to detect and investigate unauthorized changes to security settings, privilege escalation and suspicious access to Azure applications in time to make a difference.
Netwrix Auditor for
Office 365
Provides security intelligence about user behavior in SharePoint Online, so you can easily identify inappropriate data access and promptly take steps to prevent leaks of sensitive information.

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Protect your structured data against exfiltration

In addition to visibility into unstructured data, gain control over database
activity to detect, investigate
and remediate threats to structured data.

Netwrix Auditor for
Oracle Database
Gives you visibility you can trust into what users and DBAs are doing in your Oracle databases, so you can quickly spot anomalous behavior and take action before a data breach occurs.
Netwrix Auditor for
SQL Server
Strengthens your control over highly privileged users, giving you confidence that you can detect any unauthorized access to your SQL databases.

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User Behavior and Blind Spot
— Detect insider
or external attacks in progress

Spot anomalous access attempts, suspicious activity and abusive user
behavior across multiple systems that would
otherwise go unnoticed. With
Netwrix Auditor, you can detect insider threats and cyber-attacks, identify
bad actors,
and respond to incidents efficiently.

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Add-on Store — Fully leverage
your IT security ecosystem
seamless, bi-directional integration

Maximize the value of your existing security applications by feeding them granular audit data from Netwrix Auditor. Visit the Netwrix Auditor Add-on Store to discover free add-ons for integrating with the leading SIEM systems.

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See the full list of Netwrix Auditor advantages and learn more about
360-degree visibility for detecting & investigating abnormal user behavior.
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