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Over 90% of security breaches go unnoticed for months, leaving organizations at risk of fines, lost intellectual property and lost customer confidence

Netwrix Change Tracker constantly monitors changes to your system's files and configuration, alerting IT to any unauthorized changes. This capability dramatically improves your organization's ability to respond, spotting and remediating security breaches as they happen. 

Our advanced file integrity monitoring technology intrgrates with ITSM solutions to ignore all planned changes, drastically reducing "change noise", allowing you to focus on the events that really needs your attention. 

If a systems or application file is modified, say by malware, Change Tracker can verify that file against FAST Cloud, a software vendor certified database of over 10 billion known secure file characteristics. If the change is not consistent with the database entries for that file an alert is issued, indicating potential malicious activity. Change Tracker then reports the exact nature of the change, the user ID that performed it and which systems have been affected, allowing you to quickly take action to stop the spread and to remediate the damage. 

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