New and Improved Tools from Netwrix

We have developed several great new products, all based on your invaluable feedback, because Netwrix is a truly feedback-driven company. As usual, we're giving away freeware editions of most of them. Keep reading to learn more—and if you have something to say or suggest, please don't forget to visit our new feedback site to submit your improvement ideas or request features you can't live without.

If you're going to be on Microsoft Tech-Ed in Los Angeles next week, please visit booth #229 to meet our team and maybe win a nice ASUS Eee PC laptop!


Want to talk in person? Meet with Netwrix representatives at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2009 in Los Angeles. Visit booth #229 to win a laptop!

Just Released: New and Improved

Exchange Change Reporter

Running your e-mail on Exchange? Don't touch it or something will break! Unfortunately unrealistic because you need to make changes almost daily... But our Exchange Change Reporter will routinely report all changes no matter who did them or when, so you always have a bird’s eye view of all changes to configuration settings, permissions, servers—everything. Got 2 or more people managing your Exchange infrastructure? Believe it or not, you can't live without this tool.

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Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker

Gone virtual? How far? And can you go further? You can't if new virtual machines are created every day and never decommissioned, eating up all host resources. This is called virtual machine sprawl. Our new tool tracks VM usage every day and reports inactive virtual machines so you can easily justify their deletion to regain critical system resources and virtualize more without adding new physical servers.

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Windows Services Monitor

All critical services have one bad habit: they fail sometimes. The Services Monitor tool will alert you immediately when a service fails on one of your managed servers, and optionally restart the service, or even the entire system.

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Active Directory Change Reporter

Our most popular tool for Active Directory auditing now includes numerous features and minor improvements, including enhancements to web-based reporting, rollback capabilities, tracking of MS Exchange configuration, AD schema, and more! Time to upgrade now and take advantage of this new version.

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AD Object Restore Wizard

Somebody mistakenly deleted the entire OU with 1000 users? Instead of committing suicide or spending the whole week recreating all deleted accounts and re-permissioning everything, you can run this tool and restore everything in 5 minutes. But you have to install this tool in advance and keep it running on schedule to make regular backups, so better do it today than be sorry tomorrow.

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SQL Server Change Reporter

The commercial version of this product now tracks who changed what, where, and when in your SQL server instances and databases, down to table and column level, permissions, logins, etc. If you want to be aware of all changes that are being made to your production databases, maybe it's time to revisit this tool and upgrade to the commercial version.

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Coming Soon: New Products

Integrated All-in-One Auditing Suite

Do you think we have too many tools, that you’re starting to get lost and don't know what to try first? Very soon (On MS Tech-Ed in LA this month) we'll introduce our new management interface that will eventually include all of our products in one package. If you want to be the first to get this free integration feature, please contact us, or come to booth #229 on Tech-Ed'09 on May 11-14.

Web-based Password Reset for AD

This product is a very simple and free alternative to the full-featured self-service password management product (Password Manager) that we have. The idea is very simple: provide a simple web form to update domain passwords remotely for those who don't have access to the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen because they are not connected to the domain, use Linux, Mac or even PDA. Please contact us to be included in the release notification list.

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E-mail Archiving for e-Discovery and Compliance

E-discovery refers to discovery in civil litigation which deals with information in electronic format, also referred to as Electronically Stored Information or ESI. All companies have to be able to present a full record of electronic communications by company employees during a certain time period as ordered by the court and failure to fulfill this request can result in huge fines and lost litigations.

Of course, you can rely on your Exchange mailbox storage and pray that users never delete any messages. But that's impossible. Several companies now offer good tools to archive every message that comes in and goes out of your company's e-mail servers. We decided to create a similar product, but offer two editions: freeware and commercial. Please contact us to be included in the release notification list.

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Change Reporter for Sharepoint

Sharepoint is a complex system with many moving parts and settings. If somebody changes something incorrectly, your users can lose access to required documents and applications; this is why configuration change auditing is very important. The Change Reporter for Sharepoint will audit changes done to Sharepoint configuration, e.g. permissions, roles, e-mail settings, etc. Please contact us if interested in this product.

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Anti-spam for Exchange

Without argument, the amount of spam circulating around the Internet grows every day. This free anti-spam solution for Exchange will initially include some spam-blocking features like SBL lists and keyword-based blocking. The tool will not require any client deployment and will run on the server. Contact us to get this tool.

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Coming Soon: New Versions

USB Blocker

This tool is very popular, but the current version is very limited and we haven't done anything to improve it—until now. The new version of the USB Blocker coming out around July 2009 will include many new features, such as "whitelisting" of allowed devices, temporary password-protected access to devices, auditing, and many others. Please contact us if interested in getting this new version when it becomes available.

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File Server Change Reporter

This product is very good at tracking changes to files and folders, but many customers asked us to include tracking of read-only access (who read what) as well, and the new version of the File Server Change Reporter will include this feature. Please contact us to get this new version.

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Read to the bottom? Wow, thanks! Lastly, not to annoy you too much, we say again that we love your feedback. Give feedback and get big returns: great tools and technologies that will help you, your colleagues, and the entire IT community to be indispensable heroes that save day after day, keep their jobs in this tough economy, and help businesses thrive at all times. Please visit our feedback site.