Netwrix News Digest: September 2014

HP partners with Netwrix

The HP partnership confirms the compatibility between Netwrix Auditor platform and HP ArcSight Security Intelligence and Risk Management (SIRM) platform.

Quick Reference Guide: Active Directory Auditing

Learn how to configure Audit Policy Settings, Object-level Active Directory Auditing, Security Event Log Settings and see the event ID reference.

Quick Reference Guide: File Server Auditing

Learn how configure to File Shares Audit Settings, Audit Object-Access Policy, Granular Audit Policy, Security Event Log Settings and see the event ID reference.

How-to: How to Detect User Account Changes in Active Directory

In this How-to you can discover an easy way of tracking changes to user accounts in Active Directory, including creations, deletions and modifications, as well as enable and disable operations.

How-to: How to Detect File Changes in a Shared Folder

This How-to shows two different approaches to detecting what’s going on in your file shares i.e. who accessed files, which files were deleted, added or modified, changes to permissions.

In the Blog: Patching Is Mitigation You Do on Daily Basis

Disaster Recovery is still a pain? Learn from Netwrix blog how to use patch management in order to mitigate risks

In the Blog: How to Setup Password Expiration Alerting

Tick-tock, some passwords are about to expire! Learn how to setup automatic alerting with this new Netwrix How-to.

Products of the Month: Netwrix Change Notifier for Active Directory

This freeware tool tracks changes to Active Directory (AD) users, group memberships, OUs, permissions, and provides visibility into what’s happening inside your AD.

Products of the Month: Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

A comprehensive AD auditing solution that mitigates security risks and helps organizations comply with internal security policies and government or industry regulations.