December 4, 2008 - New Admin Tools and Holiday Offers from Netwrix

Happy Holidays!

We wish you happy upcoming holidays and want to thank you for your continued support! This has been an exciting year at Netwrix. We created many wonderful new, free tools, mostly based on your input and brilliant ideas.

Keep reading to learn about these tools !


Christmas Offers - our end of year offers !
New Free Tools - what we've done so far
Improved Free Tools - good to know
Coming Soon in 2009 - be first to know

Christmas Offer !

From December 3, 2008 until the end of 2008, you get 20% off on ALL commercial products. Plus our bundle discounts, non-profit, academic, and government discounts are also available. All discounts can be used together! Please contact us today for more details.

New Free Tools

Tremendous popularity of the Active Directory Change Reporter inspired four similar FREE products:
- Group Policy Change Reporter
- File Server Change Reporter
- Change Reporter for VMware
- SQL Server Change Reporter

These products track changes to systems and send daily reports, detailing every single change in AD, GPO, files, folders, permissions, SQL servers, databases, virtual machines, and many other objects – all for free.

For those who still have extra money in their budget and want to get the advanced functionality (i.e. detect who changed, not only what changed), we also offer very affordable commercial versions of these tools at a fraction of the prices offered by our major competitors (Quest, NetPro, and others).

More FREE tools, new and improved:

- Disk Space Monitor: Stay alerted when disk space becomes low on your servers.
- Password Expiration Notifier: Automatically prompt your remote users to change passwords before they expire. Works as a substitution for all users who don't log on to your domain interactively (e.g. remote employees, Mac and Linux users).
- Inactive Users Tracker: Automatically detect and deactivate stale AD accounts for security and compliance purposes.
- Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter: Keep track of users with excessive rights who sneak into the mailboxes of company executives.
- Bulk Password Reset - Quickly reset passwords of the local Administrator account across multiple servers.

All these tools also have advanced commercial versions with the same big discounts.
Coming Soon in 2009, new tools you asked for !

- Event Log Manager: Event log archiving and reporting system to consolidate event logs from multiple systems for central analysis and to prevent loss of important events;
- Exchange Change Reporter: A proud new member of the Change Reporter suite that will track changes to MS Exchange configuration, mailbox settings, etc.;
- SharePoint Change Reporter: Very easy to guess, the product will track all administrative changes to SharePoint configurations (newly created sites, permissions, and numerous other items);
- User Logon Reporter: Complete tracking of Active Directory logons across the entire enterprise. Report who logged on to, what, when, and where, including failed logons;
- File Access Reporter: Track who accessed what files and when; detect file usage patterns;
- Server Configuration Monitor: Track every single change made to your servers (hardware, software, security, etc).

Please contact us if you want to be among first to know when these tools become available.

  Best regards,
The team @ Netwrix Corporation