Surpass Common Automatic Password Reset Tools to Benefit Your AD Users with Netwrix Password Reset

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Microsoft Active Directory is at the heart of authentication and authorization, so the AD password is critical for your business operations. End users who cannot provide a valid password are unable to authenticate to your domain controllers — so they cannot log on to their Windows workstations or access the shared resources and data they need to do their jobs.

Unfortunately, handling Active Directory password expiration and forgotten user passwords is often a slow process that involves creating a helpdesk ticket and waiting for busy IT specialists to perform a password reset or unlock the account. The fact is, there is no true native automatic password reset in Active Directory. While IT teams can generate a new random password using PowerShell or implement a basic password reset tool to unlock user accounts, the process still requires too many steps and too many people, since tech personnel have to create the new password and send it to the user, who is unable to work in the meantime.

Netwrix Password Reset dramatically streamlines the Active Directory password reset and account unlock processes. This web-based self-service solution enables users to unlock their own accounts, perform password resets and change their own passwords anytime, even after password expiry — without having to contact the help desk and wait for a response.

To gain access to this powerful functionality, users simply register themselves with Netwrix Password Reset, verifying their identity via the list of enrollment questions that you configure. Alternatively, the solution allows you to register everyone automatically by pre-filling the database with the user properties.

Netwrix Password Reset has a wide range of security features, including the following:

  • It supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) via email and SMS.
  • It provides multiple lockouts and timeouts to help protect against credential-guessing attacks.
  • It can be integrated with Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer to ensure that AD passwords comply with your password policy and additional password complexity