Ensure Continuous Energy Services and Safeguard Sensitive Data with Netwrix Auditor

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Energy sector organizations that rely on us

Join more than 350 electric utilities and oil and gas companies that use Netwrix Auditor to:

Ensure a stable supply of
electrical power, oil, gas and heat
to businesses and communities.
Protect sensitive corporate and
customer data
from exfiltration
and corruption.
Provide evidence of compliance
with the strict requirements of data
protection regulations to auditors.

See how energy sector organizations maximize operational efficiency and mitigate risks to critical systems and data with Netwrix Auditor

Read more success stories from organizations that use our product to ensure business continuity, data security and compliance.


Maintain high-quality energy services and data security with Netwrix Auditor

Learn more about how utilities become more resilient to service disruptions and cyber threats and achieve sustainable compliance with regulations.

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Ensure business continuity and improve security for your systems and data

Netwrix Auditor simplifies control over your IT environment and provides security analytics that detect anomalies in user behavior to prevent costly service disruptions or data breaches.

Find out exactly how your organization can use
Netwrix Auditor to prove compliance

NERC compliance
ISO/IEC compliance

Need to comply with other regulatory standards? Visit the Netwrix Auditor compliance page to learn how our product can help you.