How to Remind Users to Change Their Passwords before They Expire

Native Auditing vs. Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

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Native Auditing Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory
  1. Copy, modify and save the following script by using PowerShell ISE:
    #requires -module ActiveDirectory

    Script will scan Active Directory for accounts with expiring passwords

    Script will scan Active Directory for accounts with expiring passwords and will send customized email to users

    .PARAMETER Domain
    .PARAMETER specifies which domain search will be performed against

    The PS credential to use to query AD (if not using the logged in credential)

    .PARAMETER SearchBase
    The OU path to search for user accounts in

    .PARAMETER PasswordExpirationThreshold
    Specifies accounts where this value exceeded will be emailed

    .PARAMETER Subject
    Which subject shall be put into email

    Which address shall be used as a FROM field in Email

    .PARAMETER EmailServerAddress
    SMTP relay address

    .PARAMETER FailoverEmail
    Emails address where all errors will be sent to

    .PARAMETER LogFilePath
    The path to where the informational log file is generated by this script.

    [string]$Domain = $env:USERDNSDOMAIN,
    [string]$UserSearchString = '*',
    [int]$PasswordExpirationThreshold = 14,
    [string]$Subject = "Password Expiration Notification",
    [string]$From = "",
    [string]$EmailServerAddress = "",
    [string]$FailoverEmail = "",
    [string]$LogFilePath = 'D:\Temp\ServiceAccountExpirations.log'

    begin {
    function Write-Log($Message) {
    $MyDateTime = Get-Date -Format 'MM-dd-yyyy H:mm:ss'
    Add-Content -Path $LogFilePath -Value "$MyDateTime - $Message"
    try {
    $MaxPasswordAge = (Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy -Server $Domain).MaxPasswordAge.Days
    Write-Log -Message "The max password age for the $Domain domain is $MaxPasswordAge"
    if ($PasswordExpirationThreshold -gt $MaxPasswordAge) {
    throw "The value '$PasswordExpirationThreshold' specified as the password expiration threshold is greater than the max password age for the domain" }

    [string]$EmailTemplate = @'
    <html> <body> <font SIZE="6" COLOR="#ff0000"> <p ALIGN="CENTER" style='font-size:20.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#CC0000;mso-bidi-font-weight: bold'>Password Expiration Notice</p> </font><font style='font-size:14.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#1C1C1C;mso-bidi-font-weight:bold'> <p>Dear $FirstName $LastName,</p> <p>Your password in <U> $domain </U> domain will expire in $DaysBeforeExpiration days. Please change it as soon as possible to make sure your account does not get locked out. To change your password press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select "Change Password". </p> <p>Please review the guidelines below as they are necessary for successfully updating your password.</p> <p>PASSWORD MUST:</p> <dir> <p>Be at least 8 total characters</p> <p>Contain at least one uppercase character</p> <p>Contain at least one numeral</p> <p>Not be the same or similar to the last 5 used passwords</p> <p>Be used for at least 24 hours before changing again</p> </dir> <p></p> <p>If you enter an incorrect password 5 or more times, your account will be locked and you will need to contact the Help Desk for assistance. </p> </font><font SIZE="4" style='font-size:13.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#CC0000'> <p ALIGN="CENTER">*** Please do not respond to this e-mail. <BR>Direct any questions or concerns regarding this issue to the IT Help Desk. <BR> For information on how to contact the Help Desk, please visit </font> <a HREF=""> <font SIZE="4" COLOR="#0000ff"><u> </u></font> </dir> </font></b> </body> </html>
    } catch {
    Write-Log -Message $_.Exception.Message
    process {
    try {
    $GetAdUserParams = @{
    'Filter' = { (Enabled -eq $True) -and (PasswordNeverExpires -eq $false) -and (samAccountName -like $UserSearchString)}
    'Properties' = 'PasswordLastSet', 'PasswordExpired', 'PasswordNeverExpires','EmailAddress'
    if ($SearchBase) {
    $GetAdUserParams.SearchBase = $SearchBase
    if ($Cred) {
    $GetAdUserParams.Credential = $cred
    $Today = Get-Date
    $Users = Get-ADUser @GetAdUserParams | Where-Object { $_.PasswordLastSet -and !$_.PasswordExpired }
    Write-Log -Message "Found '$($Users.Count)' total expirable AD user accounts"
    $ExpiringUsers = [System.Collections.ArrayList]@()
    foreach ($User in $Users) {
    $UserPwdExpireDate = $User.PasswordLastSet.AddDays($MaxPasswordAge)
    $DaysUntilExpire = ($UserPwdExpireDate - $Today).Days
    $FirstName = $User.GivenName
    $LastName = $User.Surname
    if ($DaysUntilExpire -le $PasswordExpirationThreshold) {
    Write-Log -Message "The user $($User.samAccountName)'s password will expire in $DaysUntilExpire days"
    $EmailBody = $EmailTemplate.Replace('$FirstName', $FirstName).Replace('$LastName', $LastName).Replace('$DaysBeforeExpiration', $DaysUntilExpire).Replace('$domain', $Domain)
    Send-MailMessage -To $User.EmailAddress -From $From -Subject $Subject -BodyAsHtml $EmailBody -SmtpServer $EmailServerAddress -Priority High -UseSsl
    $ExpiringUsers.Add($User) | Out-Null
    Write-Log -Message "'$($ExpiringUsers.Count)' accounts found with expiring passwords within $PasswordExpirationThreshold days"
    } catch {
    Write-Log -Message "$($_.Exception.Message) - $($_.InvocationInfo.ScriptLineNumber)"
  2. Automate script execution with Task Scheduler.

  1. Run Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier → Select your domain → Click “Edit”→ Click “Enable password expiration alerting” → Click “Save”.

Netwrix Auditor will automatically send an Active Directory password expiration notification email to each account owner whose password is about to expire.

Remind Users to Change Their Passwords to Maximize User Productivity and Reduce Helpdesk Workload

Many best practices require regular password change to harden the security of corporate data and critical systems against insider and outsider threats. But if users ignore notifications to change their passwords, or don’t get them at all – for example, if they work remotely — they must wait for helpdesk admins to reset their expired passwords, hurting productivity all around. To minimize helpdesk workload while maintaining a strong password security policy, IT pros need a more efficient way of notifying their users about password expiration. 
Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory enables IT pros to get complete visibility into what’s happening in Active Directory and Group Policy. It can also send notification emails that remind users to change their passwords before they expire; IT administrators can even customize the alerts to specify the exact number of days left before password expiration. In addition, IT admins get summary reports showing which user accounts’ passwords are about to expire. These alerts and reports enable IT pros to enhance security without sacrificing user or helpdesk productivity.