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We care about security of your data.
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System documentation, change management and compliance tools that grow with your business  

Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500 company, your NetSuite instance should be built to scale. As you keep growing and your needs continue to change, your account will require more customization. That’s where Strongpoint comes in. Our solutions are tiered to deliver progressively deeper integration with your business practices — and more effective results — whether you have dozens of customizations or tens of thousands.

Flashlight by Strongpoint 
Install Flashlight, run the Spider and get accurate, comprehensive documentation of all your customizations — and the connections between them. Flashlight automatically does what would be expensive and time-consuming to do manually. It's the best entry point to our enterprise-level products and, best of all, it's free! 
Documentation and Optimization 
Documentation and Optimization starts by automating what Flashlight does manually — turning your documentation into a living record that logs each change and tracks the evolution of your account over time. From there, a suite of reporting, search and monitoring tools helps you manage the challenges of growth. Cleanup unused customizations, optimize scripts — and do it all safely, knowing your processes are safe. 
Intelligent Change Management 
NetSuite was built to be adaptable — but in a heavily customized account, managing the change process quickly and safely can be a challenge. Intelligent Change Management turns this from a liability to an asset. Spend less time on simple changes and more time on things that require your expertise. Move faster and respond to changing requirements, without compromising safety as a result. 
Enterprise Compliance
Publicly traded companies, companies in regulated industries, and larger private corporations need to deliver accurate information to comply with regulations and standards.  Enterprise Compliance, including the Advanced Segregation of Duties (ASoD) module, is the fullest iteration of the Strongpoint platform, and the best solution for large accounts. 

Automation that frees your team

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Documentation and Cleanup 
NetSuite accounts can have tens of thousands of customizations; these customizations can be interconnected in as many as a hundred thousand different ways. Documenting and tracking this is so time-consuming that nobody does it properly. So we automated it.
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Segregation of Duties
Netwrix Strongpoint enables NetSuite teams to complete an SoD project in less time than ever before. Our software contains out-of-the-box reporting and tools that make it easy to plan a role and permission cleanup – even ‘phantom conflicts’. 
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Impact Analysis
Based on your policies, every proposed change is assessed for risk — safe changes are pre-cleared for automatic approval, and riskier ones are elevated to the proper resource. If you currently use Jira or ServiceNow, you don't have to change anything — Strongpoint integrates seamlessly at the ticket level. 
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Change Management
Netwrix Strongpoint logs every change and uses dependency documentation and impact analysis to determine the level of risk associated with each one. Based on policies you specify, appropriate controls are applied to risky changes. All of this is captured in an immutable log, simplifying reporting requirements if SOX is in scope.
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Reporting and Reconciliation
Strongpoint automatically reconciles changes to approvals and automatically tracks the changes and updates that are the most difficult to capture manually. It continuously audits your changes and alerts Administrators when a high-risk change occurs without the proper approvals. 
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Master Data and Financial Controls
With Netwrix Strongpoint’s master data and financial controls, you can move from static monitoring to active response. It converts saved searches into powerful detective controls that route violations to the proper authority for review and clearance, and collects it all in a separate, auditable GRC system.  
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Environment Comparison
Having a hard time understanding why something works in one environment, but not in another? Netwrix Strongpoint shows you the differences between NetSuite environments, so you can validate new deployments, troubleshoot issues when they arise and confirm the SuiteBundler moved your data successfully — with little more than the click of a button. 
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Netwrix Strongpoint supports the implementation of ‘shift-left’ testing models by making information about proposed changes accessible at all stages of the development process. With impact analysis, entity relationship diagrams, environment comparisons, and risk-based change ranking, you can create more accurate software, faster. 
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User Access Management
Netwrix Strongpoint provides a full suite of access management tools, from User Access Clean-up, all the way through to SoD and Periodic User Access Reviews. With Netwrix Strongpoint, you’ll be able to manage your account more efficiently and pass audits with ease.
Having a hard time understanding why something works in one environment, but not in the next? Strongpoint shows you the differences between NetSuite environments.
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"The ability to compare environments was instrumental in preventing us from releasing something that reverted a different fix.”
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Netwrix Strongpoint for NetSuite
Review the datasheet to find out more about how Strongpoint for NetSuite can help you solve many of your challenges.
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Netwrix Flashlight for NetSuite
Netwrix Flashlight for NetSuite is a free Managed Bundle that automatically documents customizations and the dependencies between them.