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REAL security Meets Market Demand for Protecting Critical Data

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Netwrix is not like any other vendor we have ever had. All the teams we work with are flexible, easy to get to, responsive and ready to help. Although we have partnered with Netwrix for just half a year, I can already see that the company is doing its best. It is not only about lead generation, but also about raising awareness on the market, supporting partners, and educating customers on how they can solve their problems more efficiently. That’s why I call Netwrix a fresh breeze in our portfolio.

Daniel Bednjički, Project Manager, REAL security 


REAL security needed to expand its portfolio to address several major problems for their customers: a lack of visibility into critical events and misconfigurations, limited knowledge about what’s going on with sensitive data and the burden of manual auditing. By finding a solution to these problems, REAL security would move past the competition, make sure their current partners and customers remain with them and grow their partner and customer base. 

With such a product, we have already made our partner and customer base bigger in just half a year. It is outstanding.

Daniel Bednjički, project manager

Partnership Benefits

Daniel Bednjički, project manager at REAL security, shared the benefits the company achieved since partnering with Netwrix: 


Intelligent data security offering. REAL security can now meet demand from customers for more efficient data security and IT auditing. Specifically, customers can accurately identify the location of sensitive and regulated data, focus their security efforts on the most valuable information, and audit their IT environment for threats and misconfigurations. The Netwrix team helped REAL security add country-specific taxonomies to provide clients with more granular and relevant discovery of critical data.


360-degree vendor support. Even net new partners like REAL security can leverage all the benefits of Netwrix partner program free of charge. In particular, REAL security values the following perks: 

  • Marketing support. Netwrix Campaign-in-a-box program helps Real security regularly launch their own marketing campaigns in less than a week by providing ready-to-use assets and full support from the Netwrix team. Leads generated by these campaigns are transferred instantly to REAL’s partner portal account for immediate follow up.
  • Sales enablement. REAL security can now enroll its team members in the Netwrix sales certification program directly from the portal and track their progress in real time. He also likes the convenient deal registration process, which gives full visibility into registered deals and provides strong protection of presales efforts.
  • Best-of-breed partner portal. The Netwrix partner portal is a fully-tailored, centralized platform. Partners like REAL security can find sales, marketing and technical enablement tools as well as track their leads, opportunities and deals — all with just a few clicks saving valuable time.
Key Benefits
  • New service offerings increase revenue per customer
  • Easy onboarding for consultants generates faster revenue
  • Campaigns-in-a-box grow new leads and pipeline
Partner Profile

Founded in 2002, REAL security is the major player in the Adriatic region offering value-add distribution of premier IT security solutions. REAL security’s experts also provide quality consultancy, design, construction and maintenance of complex computer networks and sophisticated software solutions within the region.

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