TRN Teknoloji

Turkish Boutique IT Distributor Fuels Growth and Expands Market Presence with Netwrix


We see Netwrix Auditor as an essential part of our portfolio and promote it among all our partners. The platform is a solution of choice regardless of the vertical or the size of the company, since everyone needs software like it to take control of their IT infrastructure. We really trust both the Netwrix team and Netwrix Auditor, because this partnership contributes to our overall growth and gives stability to our business.

Umut Arica, Business Development Director, TRN Teknoloji 


In 2015, when Netwrix was first presented to TRN Teknoloji, the distributor was mostly focused on security products by offering firewalls, end-user protection and data loss prevention (DLP) software, etc. At the same time, TRN Teknoloji’s partners identified a strong customer demand for a solution that would provide visibility into what’s happening in the IT environment. Many customers had sensitive data to protect from external or insider threats, such as financial organizations, while others were working with third parties, such as contractors, who needed access to their systems. Therefore, the partners saw an obvious need for a solution that would help their customers keep user activity under control and hold people accountable for their actions. TRN Teknoloji quickly realized that establishing a partnership with Netwrix and adding Netwrix Auditor to its portfolio would not only strengthen its current focus on security, but also address the gap between its current offering and the emerging demand discovered by its partners. Therefore, TRN Teknoloji decided it was a perfect time to tap into this opportunity.

We can state that we’ve never lost any Netwrix customer so far. Renewals of Netwrix maintenance support became a stable part of our business revenue as well as our partners’.

Umut Arica, Business Development Director

Partnership Benefits

TRN Teknoloji’s experience has proven that the Netwrix Auditor platform works equally well for organizations of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. Since becoming an official Netwrix distributor in 2015, TRN Teknoloji has strengthened its presence in the financial services and education verticals, and also entered new areas such as construction sector. Umut Arica, TRN Teknoloji’s Business Development Director, stressed the following benefits of this partnership, which have enabled the company to strengthen its position on the Turkish market, and also expand its presence by acquiring new partners and customers: 


Additional cross-selling opportunities. Netwrix Auditor integrates easily with popular SIEM solutions, which enables TRN Teknoloji and its partners to offer Netwrix Auditor as a complementary solution that enhances SIEM functionality by enriching its output data with actionable information. They also bundle it with DLP software, providing customers with a more comprehensive data security solution. As a result, average deal size has increased. 


Dedicated sales enablement specialist. The TRN Teknoloji team receives dozens of leads from Netwrix every week, enabling them to maintain a healthy sales pipeline. The process is fully automated and transparent for the distributor. A dedicated Netwrix sales expert regularly provides a full-scale sales training for the TRN Teknoloji team, and supports them at every stage of the sales cycle. 


Sustainable recurring revenue. TRN Teknoloji has gained loyal Netwrix Auditor customers, which has significantly expanded its recurring revenue stream. This revenue stream is directly attributable to the high quality of the Netwrix Auditor solution, along with the regular product updates and top-notch, U.S.-based customer support Netwrix provides. 


A best-of-breed compliance offering. Netwrix empowers TRN Teknoloji and its partners to help customers prove their compliance with the most common compliance standards, including ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR and others. With Netwrix Auditor, TRN Teknoloji clients get easy access to out-of-the-box compliance reports required for passing audit checks, quickly answer specific questions from auditors and enable long-term archiving of audit data while ensuring continued easy access to audit data for later checks.

Key Benefits
  • Market expansion
  • Increased average deal size
  • Ever-expanding sales funnel
Partner Profile

Founded in 2011, TRN Teknoloji is a boutique distribution company focused primarily on IT networks and IT security products. In addition to actively working with 300–400 partners all around Turkey, the company visits customers, conducts demos and POCs with its resellers by working shoulder to shoulder with them.

Customer: TRN Teknoloji

Industry: Technology