Self-service password reset solution for Active Directory

This product is no longer available. Please look at other free Netwrix tools for IT professionals.

Password Manager for Roaming Users

Password Manager for Roaming Users gives users the ability to securely manage their local computer passwords and resolve account lockouts in a self-service fashion, without gaining privileged access to computers. The product provides secure password management for computers in disconnected workgroup environments, such as laptops that are not members of the domain.

Most organizations typically restrict administrative access to their computers and, for security reasons, the users don't know the local administrator password. When a local account becomes locked out, only the computer administrator can log in and resolve the issue. But, when users travel, visit customers, or do other out-of-office activities with their laptops, nobody can help them except by giving privileged access to the system (e.g. revealing the local admin password over the phone). With Password Manager for Roaming Users, users can securely resolve password issues on their computers without any help from the system administrator or the IT helpdesk.

The product uses a "question-and-answer" security system for user authentication. All users establish their profiles upon first logon and, once their profile is established, they can manage passwords and unlock accounts manually by supplying the answers from the profile. The deployment process is very simple and easy to automate: only a single MSI file needs to be installed on each managed computer.

Note: Password Manager for Roaming Users works only with local computer accounts in non-domain environments. If you need a solution to work with domain accounts, take a look at Netwrix Password Manager.

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