How to Buy Netwrix Products

Whether your organization is an SMB or a large enterprise, we’ve got pricing packages to suit your needs. Start getting value out of the box with the high ROI and low total cost of ownership of our solutions. Enjoy superior customer service and first-class support throughout your entire journey with us.
Netwrix Data
Data Discovery & Classification
  • Discover and classify business-critical and regulated data
  • Automatically quarantine and redact sensitive data
  • Eliminate duplicate and obsolete content
  • Satisfy data subject access requests
  • Improve decision making and employee productivity
Netwrix Auditor
IT Security & Risk Reporting
  • Assess and mitigate IT risks
  • Know who has access to which data
  • Audit user activity across the IT ecosystem
  • Detect malware, insider threats and compromised accounts
  • Slash time on compliance audit preparations
Prove the Value of Your Netwrix Investment
Measure the potential cost of a breach and see how much Netwrix solutions can reduce your financial exposure. With that hard data at hand, you can prove to your leadership team the value of
investing in Netwrix solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Both Netwrix Data Classification and Netwrix Auditor are flexible platforms that enable you to choose the set of applications that meet your current needs, and to easily add or remove applications over time as your requirements change.
How is Netwrix Auditor licensed?
Netwrix Auditor has a subscription licensing model. Most applications are licensed per enabled AD user.
How is Netwrix Data Classification licensed?
Netwrix Data Classification is licensed by its applications using a subscription licensing model. Most applications are licensed per employee.
What about support and maintenance?
Each new purchase includes a 1-year software maintenance contract that entitles the customer to free product updates and technical support throughout the first year.
Do you have special pricing for public sector organizations?
Special pricing is available for government, education and nonprofit customers.
Is there managed service provider (MSP) pricing?
We have a special program for MSPs. Please visit our MSP page for more details.