Information Security Company Secures Customers’ Financial Data with Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor empowers Tesica Services with complete visibility and full control over the IT environment to secure customers’ data and ensure compliance.

Irvine, CA, December 27, 2016

Netwrix Corporation, the first vendor to introduce a visibility and governance platform for hybrid cloud security, today announced that information security company Tesica Services chose Netwrix Auditor to get visibility into its IT environment, secure customers’ financial data and comply with government requirements.

Tesica Services is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands and specializes in information security for the financial sector. As such, it has to ensure not only the security of sensitive data, but also customers’ compliance with the requirements of Superintendencia de Bancos de Panama. For this reason, Tesica Services needed visibility into user behavior across the IT environment so it could prove that all user activity is authorized. Failure to meet the regulatory requirements could have resulted in loss of customer loyalty or even the inability to continue the business.

The Tesica Services IT team chose Netwrix Auditor because it is easy to implement and use, the compliance reports are aligned with the required controls, and the solution supports all its business-critical systems, which include Active Directory, SQL Server, VMware, Windows Server and file servers. The team has achieved the following results:

Continuous compliance and quick audits. The IT team can now continuously validate security controls and prove their efficacy. Automated compliance reports, Interactive Search and a long-term audit trail enable the team to quickly find any required information; for example, they now spend just 10 minutes on a report that used to take 3-4 hours to create.

Effortless investigation of suspicious activity. A single pane of glass for the entire IT environment enables the IT team to quickly detect any suspicious behavior and investigate it thoroughly. Alerts notify the team about all critical changes, and reports enable them to regularly review effective permissions to identify and lock down overexposed data.

"We have a heterogeneous environment and use a variety of different applications from Microsoft, VMware, EMC, etc., both in the cloud and on prem. Monitoring of the entire environment is very important from the security prospective. We don’t have to worry about not having all the required controls in place or not being able to find the requested information quickly – Netwrix Auditor does the job for us, and does it well," said Rafael Gruber, Information Security Specialist in Tesica Services.

"To know that sensitive data is secure, one needs to have a full control over the IT environment. And there is no way to have that control other than by enabling visibility into all activities and changes," said Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix. "The ability to see any time what is happening in the IT infrastructure and quickly investigate the issues is absolutely essential for security. It is impossible to foresee where a threat might come from, especially if it comes from the inside, but at least you can understand what is going on so you can stay at alert and be better protected. Needless to say, such thorough tracking of all activities and controls also facilitates audits enormously."

Netwrix Auditor is a visibility and governance platform that enables control over changes, configurations and access in hybrid cloud IT environments to protect data regardless of its location. The platform provides security analytics to detect anomalies in user behavior and investigate threat patterns before a data breach occurs.

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