SQL Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix SQL Server Reporting Software Leveraging SQL Reporting Services

New tools often carry the burden of having to learn how best to use them. This takes precious time away from other responsibilities and administrators are already overloaded with complex systems and management tools to perform their duties each day. This can also rapidly decrease return on investment if time must be allocated to effectively use the product.

Netwrix Auditor avoids this by leveraging SQL Reporting Services. This includes support for SQL Express for those who do not wish to purchase additional SQL licenses or prefer to store audit data independent of existing SQL installations. Additionally, MS SQL Server 2005 and above is supported for environments that have already made the investment and wish to use this platform either instead of storing audit data or for serving as a source of data to be audited. Either way, Netwrix developed Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server to fit into most any environment or for auditing using any recent version of SQL available.

Many administrators are already familiar with SSRS and can therefore quickly adapt to reporting on Netwrix audit data. This saves time and money as well as alleviating the burdens of learning new systems, or, having to license another vendor's reporting module.

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