SQL Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Monitoring of Day-to-Day Administrative Activities with SQL Server Management Tool from Netwrix

Environments that rely on MS SQL Server to provide internal and external services to end-users and customers know too well how painful and inconvenient an outage can be. With an IT staff making changes to accommodate business and customer needs, one bad change can prove fatal. To avoid this, monitoring changes day-to-day can ensure SQL Servers and their data are available and performing optimally and securely.

The important information such as who made what change, when, and where is included for every change reported. Netwrix SQL Server monitoring software delivers automatic change auditing and reporting over the critical SQL changes including changes in application roles, credentials, databases, tables, columns, schema, views, indices, logins, roles, instances, stored procedures, users and more.

Using this detailed information stored as a single human-readable record per audited change, managers and IT staff can completely monitor SQL changes across the enterprise. Additionally, management can group SQL Server instances through the management console to custom-tailor settings for each deployment to suit most any need. By automatically collecting and delivering reports, everyone responsible for the health and well-being of SQL servers is informed making Netwrix Auditor an invaluable SQL Server management tool.

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