SQL Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Track SQL Server Changes and Avoid Downtime

Even a small change can put a database out of service. Administrators are constantly required to make changes to serve end-users and customers. However the same changes can cause disruptions. SQL Server change tracking and recording changes for reporting purposes will ensure all changes are reported providing the ability to see what changed and to undo those changes if necessary.

Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server shows when a role changes or a table is deleted. These are just two examples of where a minor change can have serious consequences. Because all changes are monitored and reported on, detection and remediation through this forensic analysis will help restore service quickly.

Aside from backups, tracking of SQL Server changes is the next best option to restore services and avoid future disruptions as a result of SQL changes. Netwrix Auditor will show what changed, who changed it, where it was changed and when providing invaluable insight into any environment that relies on SQL for daily operations. Restoration of a database from backup is time consuming while undoing an adverse change is quick and easy.

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