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[Cyber Battle] Active Directory Security: Hacker vs Netwrix

September 28
1:00pm EDT
About the Webinar

Bad actors relentlessly hammer Active Directory environments with attacks that are easy to pull off — but often hard to detect and defend against. Want to see exactly how some of the most common attacks unfold, step by step, and discover effective strategies for spotting and responding to them?

Join this webinar for a front-row seat at an epic cyber battle: Brian Johnson (security enthusiast and president of 7 Minute Security) and Kent Tuominen (solutions engineer at Netwrix) will launch and defend against multiple attacks, including:

  • Kerberoasting and AS-REPRoasting
  • Password spraying
  • Pass-the-hash attacks
  • Poisoning network traffic
  • Extracting and cracking user password hashes out Active Directory
Brian Johnson avatar
Brian Johnson, Security enthusiast / Podcaster
Kent Tuominen avatar
Kent Tuominen, Solutions Engineer
Martin Cannard avatar
Martin Cannard, VP of Product Strategy