Netwrix Change Auditing Solution Gets 5 Stars from SC Magazine

Risk and policy management product group test conducted by SC Magazine resulted in Netwrix Change Reporter Suite 2.0 earning the highest rating

Framingham, MA, June 21, 2012

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Quick facts:

  • Netwrix Corporation, a highly specialized provider of solutions for IT infrastructure change auditing, announced today that Netwrix Change Reporter Suite 2.0 received 5 star rating in SC Magazine's 2012 Risk & Policy Management Group Test which is the highest possible rating that can be achieved in this review.

  • Within the group test there was a total of 22 governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools (including the Change Auditing Solution from Netwrix) evaluated with the help of SC Magazine Labs. Based on the results the tools were then reviewed and rated on the scale from 1 to 5 stars.

  • Netwrix Change Reporter Suite is an integrated software solution for automated auditing of the entire IT infrastructure. No matter who changed what, where and when - be it Active Directory, file servers, Microsoft Exchange, storage appliances such as NetApp or EMC, virtual and physical infrastructure, SQL Server databases and more - everything is centrally audited, consolidated, and presented in easy to understand reports, scheduled for ongoing review and forensic auditing of day-to-day administrative activities by security team and periodic inspections by compliance auditors.

  • SC Magazine used the following generic test criteria for product group tests: ease-of-use; features; performance, documentation; support; value for money. The rating from each of 6 scores awarded to Netwrix Change Reporter Suite by the reviewer in the individual categories was then averaged to achieve the Overall 5-star Rating.

  • In the review, Dr. Peter Stephenson, technology editor for SC Magazine, among other things has highlighted the following benefits of Netwrix Change Reporter Suite: 1) Features: "can monitor for changes almost anywhere on the network"; 2) Installation: "simple and straightforward"; 3) Ease-of-use: "administrators will feel right at home navigating and managing the product"; 4) Performance: "getting results almost instantly" 5) Product documentation: "helpful and well-organized"; 6) Customer support with "many online aid resources at no cost"; 7) Price: "good value for the money".


Dr. Peter Stephenson, Technology Editor, SC Magazine:
"The Change Reporter Suite from Netwrix offers full change management across an entire network infrastructure. Chances are that if something has been changed, this product will know about it and be able to report the alterations to those that need to know. This software solution can monitor for changes almost anywhere on the network, including Active Directory, file servers, Microsoft Exchange, storage appliances (such as NetApp or EMC), virtual and physical infrastructure, and SQL Server databases, among many others. Using this suite, administrators can easily keep an eye on the environment and know who changed what, what the value was changed from and to, and, more importantly, when and where the change originated.

We found installation to be simple and straightforward.

One thing we really liked about this product was the large amount of directories and other places it could plug in to, as well as how easy it was to configure change management across many types of devices."

Robert Bobel, Director of Product Management, Netwrix Corporation:
"The SC Magazine results are exciting to us because they further validate our evolving strategy to delivering a simple and efficient solution based on our advanced platform. Moving forward our products will further differentiate themselves as we start to expose next generation SIEM technology on which our architecture is built."

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