Netwrix Lands Deal with Warwickshire County Council for IT Audit

The Local Education Authority now has complete visibility of its whole IT infrastructure

Hemel Hempstead, Herts, UK, June 14, 2012

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Warwickshire County Council has chosen Netwrix to automatically track and report critical changes across its entire IT infrastructure for schools and colleges.

Quick facts:

  • With 250 sites and 110,000 users – making it the second largest public sector infrastructure in Europe – the Local Education Authority needed an integrated solution to track and control changes, prevent security breaches and meet compliance requirements across all of its IT platforms.

  • Netwrix Change Reporter Suite replaces the need to rely on monitoring native system logs using an in-house custom auditing tool which was proving cumbersome and time consuming for the LEA's system administrators.

  • The LEA’s IT team now has complete visibility of its whole IT infrastructure and gets real-time alerts of potentially unauthorized changes along with detailed compliance ready reports and archived event logs. Netwrix Change Reporter Suite shows not only the changes made but what they were changed from and provides the ability to roll back changes made by IT staff in error. It also provides additional security and accountability by being able to track the activities of consultants, temporary staff and contractors.


Chris Page, Technical Development Manager at Warwickshire County Council:

"With thousands of IT people across our schools and no effective means of auditing who changed what and when, Netwrix now provides a simple and automated means of auditing all our users across a broad range of systems. With budgets tight, cost was a big factor and other vendors were considerably more expensive than the Netwrix solution, furthermore, by saving us time and resources to track changes across our continually expanding infrastructure and avoiding costly remedial activities, we will get a very fast return on investment."

Aidan Simister, Country Manager UK and Ireland at Netwrix Corporation:

"Many local authorities are still relying on native logs and manual processes for change auditing or spending more than they need to on unnecessarily complex solutions. Warwickshire County Council, recognized as a forward thinking and early adopter of new technologies, quickly saw that Netwrix gave them an affordable, simple-to-deploy solution that shows them 'who, what, where and when' changes, alerts them of critical changes and gives them compliance ready reports to take the pain and complexity of auditing and monitoring away."

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