Netwrix Releases Integrated Security and Compliance Auditing Solution

New Netwrix Change Reporter Suite with improvements in auditing of AD, virtualization, SharePoint, integration with SIEM and other major enhancements.

Boston, MA, August 11, 2011

Quick Facts:

  • Netwrix Corporation today announced the release of the brand new version of Change Reporter Suite.
  • Netwrix Change Reporter Suite is a change auditing solution for tracking of who made what change, when and where in the entire IT infrastructure to assist with security and compliance policies and regulations, such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI.
  • Netwrix Change Reporter provides the broadest coverage of supported types of managed systems, including Active Directory, file servers, storage appliances (NetApp, EMC), MS Exchange, SQL Server databases, virtual and physical infrastructures (VMware and Microsoft), SharePoint and more.
  • Major new features of version 2.0 of the Change Reporter include:
    • Real-time change alerting – customizable e-mail notifications when something critical changes in an IT infrastructure (e.g. security groups or AD schema).
    • Snapshot reporting to report on the current state of managed systems (AD "snapshots"), e.g. "All members of Domain Admins group as of December 31, 2010".
    • Enterprise-level scalability designed to support world’s largest IT environments with millions of users and thousands of servers.
    • Improved auditing of System Center Virtual Machine Manager with the ability to track WHO made changes into SCVMM configuration and WHEN those changes were made, in addition to auditing of WHAT was changed.
    • Improved SharePoint auditing with support for distributed SharePoint environments via optional remote data collection of SharePoint audit data.
    • Enhanced auditing of VMware vSphere configuration (new types of objects and permissions).
    • Integration with 3rd party SIEM solutions, that enables IT infrastructure auditing on RSA enVision®, ArcSight®, Novell® Sentinel™, IBM Tivoli® and other systems.
    • Integration with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, that enables full-featured change auditing in SCOM.
    • AuditAssurance™ Technology that consolidates audit data from multiple independent sources and detects changes even if one or more of the sources does not contain all relevant data.
    • Report subscriptions – scheduled delivery of e-mail reports (daily, weekly, monthly) with customizable filters.
  • A free, zero-commitment of the new version of Change Reporter Suite is available.
  • Change Reporter Suite is a modular auditing platform that supports a wide variety of IT systems and applications, such as Active Directory, MS Exchange, VMware, file servers, database servers, network devices, SharePoint and more. Each module within Change Reporter Suite can be purchased separately.


Michael Fimin, President and CEO, Netwrix Corporation
Enterprise IT departments have to deal with a dynamic nature of the ever-growing stack of IT infrastructure components, configuring new systems and maintaining configuration of a diverse portfolio of existing systems,” said Fimin. “With the recently added layers of virtualization and cloud computing, which contribute to even greater complexity of the stack, the ability to audit who made what change, when and where in every single system and application, at each layer, is becoming a critical necessity, because otherwise an IT department risks losing control and visibility over its IT infrastructure, resulting in security and compliance issues.”

Chris Rich, Senior Director of Product Management, Netwrix Corporation
New enhancements to Change Reporter Suite, such as real-time alerting, snapshot reporting, AuditAssurance™ technology, enterprise-level scalability, integration with SIEM systems and other improvements have helped to bring Netwrix’s #1 change auditing solution to the next level,” said Rich. “Modular platform architecture and the unmatched coverage of audited systems and applications have already made Netwrix #1 for change auditing and winner of multiple awards. The long-term technology roadmap of Netwrix is to support auditing of the broadest range of systems, including cloud-based systems, while also providing better business intelligence for the audit data, all in one integrated solution.

Don Jones, Microsoft MVP
Netwrix has developed a product suite that offers the broadest product and technology coverage,” said Jones. “Change Reporter’s functionality is straightforward, and the user interface is intuitive and easy to operate.

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Netwrix Corporation is a highly specialized provider of solutions for IT infrastructure change auditing. Change auditing is the core competency of Netwrix and no other vendor focuses on this more extensively. This is why Netwrix is #1 for Change Auditing, selected by thousands of satisfied customers around the world. With the broadest platform coverage available in the industry, innovative technology and strategic roadmap aiming to support most types of IT systems, devices and applications, Netwrix offers award-winning change auditing solutions at very competitive prices, matched with great customer service. Founded in 2006, Netwrix Corporation is a privately held company headquartered in Paramus, NJ, with regional offices in Los Angeles and Boston.

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