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Mitigate the Insider Threat

and Secure Your Intellectual Property and Customer Data
Technology companies
that rely on us
Safeguard Sensitive Data Icon
Safeguard sensitive data
from insider misuse and
external attacks.
Maintain productivity
Maintain productivity and
high-quality service by ensuring
ongoing system availability.
Pass compliance attestations
Pass compliance attestations
and earn the trust of
your customers.

When it comes to data security, technology companies put not only their own reputation on the line, but also their entire business.

This eBook details how IT and telecom companies leverage Netwrix Auditor to keep insider threats and data breach risks at bay.

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We care about security of your data.
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Find out exactly how your organization can use
Auditor to prove compliance
with common regulations

Need to comply with other regulatory standards? Visit the Netwrix Auditor compliance page
to learn how our product can help you.