Change Auditing Solutions for Financial Industry

Maintaining the security and compliance of your IT infrastructure

Protection of informational assets is necessary to establish and maintain trust between you, the financial service provider and your customers, all while maintaining compliance to standards such as GLBA, and protecting the reputation of your organization.

Your organization’s information is only as secure as its IT infrastructure. A single change to security can allow improper access to sensitive financial information, costing millions of dollars of lost revenue and credibility or resulting in failed compliance audits. One of the key aspects of maintaining a secure IT infrastructure is auditing changes to your most critical systems and applications.

“Netwrix’s software allowed us to monitor all critical aspects of our Microsoft environment, thus meeting the auditors’ strict requirements. Moreover, the security of our environment has increased tenfold since the implementation of the Netwrix software.”
- Mervyn Govender, CIO, CreditEdge

The problem of the IT infrastructure changes in many environments starts with Active Directory, but spreads across all other systems, including Group Policy settings, access to files, SQL Server databases, Exchange Server mailboxes, VMware, SharePoint and more.

Netwrix Auditor is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that audits changes to these critical systems, helping to meet your specific needs and requirements of GLBA auditors, such as:

  • Prove the protection of informational assets through extensive auditing and reporting of changes to users’ accounts, security and distribution groups, policies, and permissions.
  • Auditing of all types of access to critical data and security-related settings in Active Directory, file servers, databases, virtual machines, and much more.

Netwrix Auditor provides you the answers needed using four simple, but critical questions:

  • What was changed?
  • Who changed it?
  • When was it changed?
  • Where was the change made from?

Netwrix Auditor assists with ensuring the security of sensitive data, critical to maintaining GLBA compliance, while providing visibility into the changes made on your organization’s most critical systems.

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