Group Policy Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Report and alert on Group Policy changes and generate state-in-time reports

Group Policy Reporting Tool for Administrative Activities Monitoring

Group Policy within Active Directory controls access and behaviors of nearly every critical aspect of system and user settings that users interact with to perform their daily duties efficiently and safely. The ability to audit Group Policy, at all times, exactly who did what, when and where requires more than just a watchful eye and attention to detail. Effective daily management of Group Policy changes is difficult, error-prone and time-consuming without and effective Group Policy auditing tool.

Group Policy change report example

Netwrix GPO auditing and reporting tool records changes made to Group Policy settings and permissions and generates audit reports that include the four W's: Who, What, When, and Where for every change including GPO creation, GPO setting changes, GPO link changes (linking and unlinking for OUs) and deleted GPO objects.

In addition, it automatically provides before and after values for each object that has changed. The automatic collection and reporting on Group Policy changes not only surpasses those native capabilities in Windows but expands upon them eliminating the time and effort spent collecting the information manually or through complex scripting.

Effective Group Policy auditing is extremely important. The ability to monitor and detect unwanted changes on a daily basis is the difference between angry help desk calls because of lost productivity and effective network management. Detecting mistakes made by IT staff is a challenge without audit reports and often, problems are discovered first by an end user causing embarrassment and further frustration. For example, a manager can see a report on Group Policy OU changes performed by an administrator.

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