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Effective Group Policy reporting is crucial for hardening IT security because any unwanted change to Group Policy can turn into a security gap that increases the vulnerability of the IT environment. Detecting improper changes made by IT staff, whether malicious or accidental, is a challenge with built-in Windows tools, which lack Group Policy reports. Instead, you must browse through thousands of individual event logs, wiping out your valuable time and energy. Moreover, these logs do not even provide you with much help in understanding exactly what happened, since they lack critical details such as which policy was changed and the previous and current values of the changed parameter.

Overcome the Limitations of Native Group Policy Tools to Harden Security and Pass Audits

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory is a Group Policy reporting tool that eliminates the hassle of controlling changes in Group Policy. Unlike native Group Policy tools, Netwrix Auditor delivers predefined reports with full details about every change, including which Group Policy was affected, who made the change, when it was made and which workstation it originated from, as well as the before and after values. You can also easily subscribe yourself or other stakeholders to these Group Policy reports to have them delivered automatically via email on the schedule you choose.

All Group Policy Changes report from Netwrix Auditor: Action, What, Who and When