Group Policy Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Report and alert on Group Policy changes and generate state-in-time reports

Scheduled Group Policy Audit Reports with Automated Delivery

Administrators need to fully understand all changes to Group Policy to ensure resources are available, security risks are mitigated and compliance issues are avoided. This is especially true when unwanted or unexpected changes occur. Netwrix Group Policy auditing solution features the ability to automatically deliver timely reports to the right people without the burden and costs associated with manual collection and analysis of security and event log data.

Subscription schedule for Group Policy reports

The product also features report subscription capabilities and report delivery scheduling. Netwrix Auditor uses a proprietary subscription mechanism that works with all versions of SQL and is not limited by the subscription feature available only in SQL Standard and Enterprise.

The subscription feature is based on Advanced Reporting and allows report selection of certain types of Advanced Reports, specify report filters and configure the frequency of report delivery on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Email reports give administrators the opportunity to share information with non-admin users such as IT Managers, helpdesk staff and auditors right from their mailboxes. The ability to automate and schedule report delivery simplifies and streamlines monitoring and maintenance of Group Policy thus dramatically improving the overall quality of IT operations.

Reports include detailed information about newly created and deleted GPOs, modified GPO settings and options, as well as Exchange setting changes. For example, you can detect who turned off invalid logon auditing, applied new desktop lockdown settings to an OU or unlinked GPO from the OU.

Group Policy auditing is very closely related to the importance of overall Active Directory management and monitoring. To have the ability to audit user and computer policy setting changes will serve to greatly improve overall IT operations. With these added features, organizations can enhance their operational effectiveness and the ability to maintain compliance benefiting from complete visibility and control over these vital IT assets.

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