Active Directory Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Report and alert on Active Directory changes and generate state-in-time reports

What’s New in Active Directory Change Reporter 7.0

The new release of the Active Directory Change Reporter offers new functionality for auditing and reporting on AD changes, including real-time alerting, scheduled Active Directory audit reports with automated delivery, integration with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, AD snapshot reporting and other features. The product also provides improved performance and usability, and has many other enhancements.


Real-time Alerting (*)

The Active Directory Change Reporter allows receiving instant alerts on critical AD changes, giving you the ability to be aware of most important changes and take appropriate actions on time.

Scheduled Active Directory Audit Reports with Automated Delivery (*)

The new report subscription feature of the product allows to select any available reports, specify report filters, configure schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) and specify report recipients (e-mail addresses).

Integration with SIEM Systems (*)

The product integrates with different SIEM systems, such as RSA enVision®, ArcSight® Logger™, Novell® Sentinel™, NetIQ® Security Manager™, IBM Tivoli® Security Information and Event Manager™ and others.

Integration with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (*)

The product is integrated with Microsoft System Center via SCOM Management Pack that makes the audit data available to SCOM for customized processing (rules, alerts, etc.)

Active Directory Snapshot Reporting (*)

Netwrix Active Directory reporting tool allows to report on Active Directory contents (AD "snapshots"), such as "All Members of Domain Admins group", etc. — both on the current state and on historical data (e.g. "All members of Domain Admins group as of December 31, 2008").

Reporting ‘Where’ Active Directory Change Was Made (*)

The product enables detecting of all AD changes on the most detailed level, including information WHERE changes were made. All reports are extended with ‘Where’ field. The field value reflects a domain controller name where changes were made.

Visual Charts (*)

In addition to standard reports the product now can generate visual charts that provide illustration to aid with better change auditing. For example, it can display change statistics for a certain time period visually.

Improved Browsing of Advanced Reports (*)

The new version of the AD Change Reporter allows to specify report filters directly from Netwrix Management Console before report generation starts, so that you don‘t need to wait for generation of report with the default filters before you can change them and generate report with the required filters.

Improved Active Directory change tracking technology

  • Significantly improved and optimized change tracking technology, with less overhead on domain controllers and much better performance;
  • Precise tracking of values changed and reverted back during the same day (before 7.0 it was limited). For example, if an attribute‘s initial value was A, then it changed to B and after several hours – to C, the new version would report on these changes in detail, with all intermediate attribute values;
  • Improved reliability and error diagnostics: administrators are immediately notified about audit data processing issues;
  • Significantly improved handling of Security event logs that prevents log overwrites and lost audit data. (*)

Improved Netwrix Management Console (*)

  • User interface improvements;
  • Improved reliability;
  • Easy to use taskpad with most frequent operations on the Welcome page.

Other Enhancements

Custom Report Builder (*)

Custom Report Builder of the product allows customers to create their own reports on AD changes and snapshots.

Better scalability in large Active Directory environments (*)

Performance optimization of SQL database operations provides better scalability in large Active Directory environments.

Automatic Advanced Reporting installation and configuration (*)

Automatic Advanced Reporting installation and configuration locally for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and above.

SSL mode support for sending emails

Ability to send e-mails through SMTP server with SSL support (including the implicit SSL mode).

Simplified management of installed license codes for Netwrix products (*)

Note: Standard Edition of the product was eliminated, now only Freeware and Enterprise Editions are available. All features of the Standard Edition are now available in the Enterprise Edition.

(*) Features marked with (*) are only available in the Enterprise edition of the product.

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