VMware Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Change auditing of VMware vSphere and ESX

Audit Who Changed What When and Where with Netwrix VM Monitoring Software

Monitoring VMware vSphere changes is essential to providing reliable services and securing sensitive information and resources. Maintaining compliance, both internally and externally while preventing security breaches and ensuring critical resources are available is an ongoing, daily challenge. Managing VMware deployments can be very difficult, time-consuming and error-prone with native tools.

To be successful, the assistance of a comprehensive VMware auditing tool is required and must have the ability to automatically and accurately audit changes and report who was responsible for changing VMware settings, what changes were made, and when. Netwrix VM monitoring software features the ability to effectively audit VMware vSphere changes, maintaining compliance, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches and increasing resource uptime by capturing the following critical audit information:

  • What the change was, including pre and post-change values
  • Who made the change (user name)
  • When the change was made (date and time)
  • Where the change was made

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