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Change auditing of VMware vSphere and ESX

Maintain Compliance with VMware vSphere Auditing Software

Maintaining compliance with a constantly growing list of internal policies, regulations and standards can be an organization's greatest technical challenge. Companies facing an increasingly strict regulatory environment must now do more than just improve information security practices and policies to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of VMware implementation. They must also provide concrete proof of these efforts. Not being able to do so efficiently and accurately creates risks including:

  • Damage to the company's reputation
  • Legal liabilities and sanctions
  • Financial and property loss (physical and intellectual)
  • Limited ability to meet operational objectives
  • Lost trust of clients and beneficiaries

Undocumented and unmonitored modifications to VMware settings can result in security breaches and failed compliance audits. Without clear and detailed records of VMware environment changes, administrators and management are denied the ability to clearly and concisely understand the origins and improper configurations that permitted unwanted changes. Only ongoing detailed VMware vSphere auditing can show exactly what changes have occurred and is an effective way to maintain compliance with standards such as SOX, HIPAA, and GLBA.

Netwrix Auditor automatically captures all VMware vSphere change information with exact detail and provides detailed VMware reporting to help organizations maintain compliance. The Enterprise Edition of the product provides predefined audit reports to aid in SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and FISMA compliance. All changes can be archived and kept for years, so that reports can be generated for both internal and external auditors as needed and for any time period making maintained compliance easy.

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