VMware Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Change auditing of VMware vSphere and ESX

Improve Security with Netwrix VMware vSphere Monitoring Software

Administrators must constantly monitor changes to critical VMware vSphere settings to maintain security. Damaging changes made to VMware settings expose the organization to risk and can result in hours of troubleshooting. To understand and undo the damage caused by improper VMware changes, you need tools to expand visibility into who made the changes, what changes were applied and before and after values so issues can be quickly resolved. In a time of crisis access to detailed audit data from Netwrix VMware vSphere monitoring software is vital to prevent and remediate issues effectively.

Netwrix VMware vSphere monitoring software enables rapid restoration of services minimizing end user disruption and maintaining secure and stable virtual environments. Continuous VMware visibility will also avoid helpdesk overload and haphazard reversal of valid changes as administrators scramble to fix problems.

Having an efficient VMware auditing and reporting tool to quickly and easily see unwanted or unauthorized modifications saves time, improves security, and helps avoid unexpected downtime.

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