EMC Storage Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Cost Savings with EMC File Auditing Tool from Netwrix

Netwrix Auditor is a single cost-effective, comprehensive and robust EMC storage file auditing tool that meets a wide range of security, visibility and regulatory auditing needs. Many organizations utilize multiple servers and hosts to store data and the need to audit them for compliance and security purposes is never-ending. In addition to EMC storage auditing, Netwrix Auditor also tracks all changes on Windows file servers and other CIFS-compliant devices such as NetApp Filer.

Further cost savings are offered by eliminating the need for building skills with EMC Storage auditing, acquiring and learning a reporting tool and accommodating for long-term storage. With IT staff levels and budgets already tight, few environments can afford to invest much in time or money to acquire specialized skills or tools.

Netwrix Auditor does all the important work for you: connecting to EMC storage devices, collecting audit detail, compiling information and produce useful reports automatically each day. The more complex and expansive the environment, the more you can save.

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