EMC Storage Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Change Reporter
(now Netwrix Auditor) named excellent at doing what it is intended to do!
Netwrix change auditing solution reviewed by SC magazine with 5 stars overall rating
Netwrix Auditing Platform Architecture Netwrix Auditing Platform Architecture

EMC storage auditing is critical to data protection, enforcement of internal controls and adherence to external regulations, for those organizations that use EMC storage appliances. EMC monitoring and auditing changes in files, folders, and permissions help improve security and maintain compliance. Netwrix Auditor enables EMC storage monitoring and allows reporting of all events and changes without the complexity and time required by native auditing.

Powered by AuditAssurance™ technology, EMC storage monitoring solution from Netwrix gathers all details of every file, folder and permission change, successful or failed file access attempt and failed change attempt, while AuditIntelligence™ technology transforms complex and broad collections of audit data into clear and concise reports, which can be used by internal managers and external auditors. These reports show who made what change when and where, including previous and current value for every change on the following EMC storage appliances:

  • VNX
  • VNXe
  • Celerra

This feature is available in the Netwrix Auditor solutions for:

Netwrix Auditor also supports auditing of Windows file servers and other storage appliances, meaning you can use this single cost-effective solution for exact and reliable auditing of multiple platforms across the entire organization. Download Netwrix Auditor to audit all file servers, strenghten security, streamline regulatory compliance and avoid system downtimes.

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