NetApp Filer Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Explicit "Before and After" Change Detail

When a change to a file, folder or permission happens, it’s not enough to just know that it took place. More information is needed. Netwrix Auditor employs a unique method of presenting the value of the change before it happened, in addition to the new value on CIFS shares using NTFS permissions.

This NetApp CIFS auditing solution features the ability to capture and report on previous and current values for every change across all audited resources over any period of time. For example, when a user is given a new permission to a folder, or a file is moved from one folder to another, the audit report shows "before" and "after" detail for each change, old and new. To meet the most demanding change control policies, only this level of critical detail is accepted.

Unlike other products, the auditing details provided in the daily reports overcome existing limitations providing complete visibility over the organization’s data. Native logging often looks like a complex dump of cryptic codes and hardly understandable details. Add to that the exhaustive nature of these logs and their limited flexibility, only a NetApp CIFS auditing solution that not only gathers data from multiple sources but organizes it and presents it in a meaningful report will provide confidence and auditing compliance.

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