SQL Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Applications that rely on Microsoft SQL Server range from relatively simple single-server to heavily used internet facing server farms. Regardless of the deployment size, databases that service these applications often store sensitive business critical data.

SQL database administrators and IT departments in general need tools to maintain server and data security and prevent unauthorized access and modification of contents. Auditing SQL Server configuration and content changes can also be essential for regulatory compliance.

Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server is a comprehensive solution that gives you complete visibility into all changes made within your SQL environment. Based on the award-winning Netwrix Auditor platform, this solution covers the following critical areas of SQL Server audit and reporting:

  • Keep track of SQL instance configuration changes that impact availability and confidentiality of databases.
  • Get reports on all security changes on any level: from server wide user roles down to granular permissions granted on specific tables or stored procedures.
  • Monitor modification of critical contents with granular row level changes auditing.
  • Know all the detail about who changed what, when and where, including before and after values for all changes.
  • Get started in hours, not days - it is easy with hundreds of out of the box reports.
  • Increase security of your SQL servers even further with Windows Server operating system audit and video recording of user activity on the servers!

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