Group Policy Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Report and alert on Group Policy changes and generate state-in-time reports


Monitor Active Directory and Day-to-Day Administrative Activities

Captures detailed information on all changes made to Group Policy settings including who changed what, when and where. Audit reports facilitate review of daily activity.

Maintain Compliance

Maintain compliance using in-depth change information. All changes made to Group Policy settings can be archived and stored for more than 7 years for generating audit reports.

Improve Security

Paint the most complete picture of Group Policy security settings throughout Active Directory by monitoring all setting and permission changes.


Reports Previous and Current Values for Every Change

Reports show previous and new settings values for every Group Policy setting from any point in time. For example, when a password length is changed in a GPO, the audit report will show both the previous and new password lengths.

Scheduled Group Policy Audit Reports with Automated Delivery

Report subscription feature allows selection of any report for automated delivery.

Enterprise-wide Scalability

The product easily works in existing environments and can scale to deployments of 1 million users or more across more than 1,000 domain controllers due to optional, lightweight, non-intrusive agents, efficient AuditAssurance™ data collection methods, and an innovative storage architecture.

Long-term Historical Reporting

Fast compressed storage of collected audit data enables historical reporting for any period of time (e.g. 2 months or 3 years), as required by your auditors both internal and external.

Group Policy Snapshot Reporting

Group Policy reporting tools present snapshots to provide a clear picture of GPO settings, either current or in the past.

Agentless and Agent-based Data Collection

To achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility, both an agentless and non-intrusive agent-based data collection methods are included.

Automatic Backup and Recovery of Group Policy Objects

Automatically backs up all Group Policy Objects and provides the ability to recover them to help maintain compliance and maintain security.

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