Netwrix Catch-All Mailbox Configurator for MS Exchange

Captures all uncaught e-mail in one Exchange mailbox for review

This product is no longer available. Please check other free tools offered by Netwrix.

A catchall mailbox is a mailbox to which any email not destined for a specific mailbox is delivered. For example, if someone were to send an email to, it would get routed to a catch-all address for the domain. If no catch-all mailbox had been set up, the email would simply be returned to the sender with an error message.

Microsoft Exchange has no native support for catch-all mailboxes, but the freeware Netwrix Catch-All Mailbox Configurator tool is a very easy way to configure a catch-all email with a couple of mouse clicks and without any custom scripts and tricky configuration steps. You just install this tool on your Hub Transport or Edge Transport Exchange Server and specify an email domain and e-mail address to which all uncaught mail should be forwarded.

Features and benefits:

  • Hassle-free configuration of Exchange catch-all mailbox;
  • Easily forward all uncaught email to one mailbox for review.

Looking for Exchange reporting solution?

If you need to track and report on all changes made to all Exchange Server configurations and permissions, Netwrix can meet your needs as well. Netwrix Auditor for Exchange generates reports that show changes to configuration settings, creation and deletion of mailboxes, information stores, Exchange servers, connectors, protocol parameters, storage groups and many other types of objects and their permissions. These reports include who, what, when information, and "before" and "after" values for each modification.