The Georgia Lottery Corporation

The Georgia Lottery Corporation Protects PII Data of its Customers

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$70 billion
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Netwrix Auditor enables us to go beyond the standard federal guidelines for protecting PII. It provides continuous oversight of IT changes and user activity that may affect the sensitive information we store. And we really enjoy the ease of use of Netwrix Auditor's features.

Vladimir Svidesskis, Information Security Director, The Georgia Lottery Corporation

  • Ensure the integrity and security of the personally identifiable information (PII) of lottery players, as well as confidential information about the retailers that the company partners with.
  • Monitor all user accounts and, most importantly, track the activity of privileged users.
  • Establish alerting on potentially harmful actions across systems that are critical for data security — Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange.

The customer support is just great. Netwrix is not a company that just wants to sell you a solution and go on to the next client. They actually want to work with us to make sure we are able to utilize the solution to its fullest capability and get the best out of it.

Vladimir Svidesskis, Information Security Director, 

The Georgia Lottery Corporation

Netwrix Solution

Vladimir chose Netwrix Auditor for a number of reasons. First, the broad coverage of systems, including SharePoint, Exchange and SQL Server. Second, his Information Security team was impressed how simple it was to use, considering the data it has to parse through and then provide in reports. Third, the functionality that covered many more aspects than they originally needed.

  • Monitor activity in business-critical systems. With Netwrix Auditor, the team monitors all activities in the company’s most important systems, with a particular focus on the activity of privileged accounts, such as domain admins. Exhaustive reports and smart alerts enable the company to spot potential insider misuse and validate internal security policies.
  • Investigate suspicious activity. The team can quickly run queries to investigate any activity that looks out of ordinary and find out who behaves abnormally and what else the user did, so they can promptly take the necessary steps to remediate the issue.
  • Secure PII and other sensitive data. As an employee’s role changes due to a promotion, a transition between departments or another reason, that user’s need to access sensitive data might change. With Netwrix Auditor, the IT security team can manage user access to information in accordance with the least privilege principle, monitor access attempts and modifications of files, and ensure user accountability.
Key Benefits
  • Validation of internal and external security policies
  • Minimized the risk of insider misuse
  • Achieved compliance with federal guidelines for protecting PII
Customer Profile

The Georgia Lottery was created in 1992 by the people of Georgia to enhance educational funding. It has already returned more than $20 billion to education, enabling more than 1.8 million students to attend colleges through Georgia's HOPE scholarship program and 1.6 million four-year-olds to attend lotteryfunded Prekindergarten. The Georgia Lottery Corporation has eight district offices located in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Dalton, Duluth, Macon, Savannah and Tifton, and lottery tickets are sold at more than 8,600 authorized retailer locations across the state. 

Customer: The Georgia Lottery Corporation

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