Why Netwrix is #1 for Change Auditing

Simple, Efficient, Affordable - that's Netwrix's stance, and that's what makes Netwrix #1. With the broadest platform coverage availability in the entire industry, no other vendor focuses more extensively on IT infrastructure change auditing.

Change Auditing with Netwrix

Windows IT Pro Gold Awards that Netwrix won in 2010 and 2011

Netwrix has developed a comprehensive line of simple, efficient and affordable change auditing solutions and has evolved as #1 for change auditing as evidenced by Windows IT Pro Magazine: in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Netwrix won Community Choice Gold Award, which means Netwrix is proven #1. Netwrix solutions resolve the most common challenges associated with configuration auditing (including change and "state-in-time" auditing). According to the survey conducted during MS Tech-Ed, 18% of IT professionals use Netwrix for change auditing, which is the highest percentage across the industry.

Diagram showing the results of poll about products used for change auditing
Market shares of change auditing solutions
Source: MS Tech-Ed Survey

Netwrix is simple: Netwrix auditing solutions are easy to use. IT administrators don't have the time or resources available to spend on an auditing solution that requires a lengthy deployment procedure, or an extensive tutorial process. IT managers need a solution that they can deploy quickly, and begin using without wasting precious man hours training their staff.

Netwrix change auditing solutions can be downloaded and deployed with a few clicks of the mouse, and once installed, are highly intuitive. As a result, they allow resource optimization that doesn't infringe upon internal budgets or resources. Netwrix's purpose-built solutions provide the streamlined configuration auditing capabilities, including change and "state-in-time" auditing, necessary to adhere to a multitude of compliance standards and enhance security.

"Netwrix Auditor's functionality is straightforward, and the user interface is intuitive and easy to operate." – Microsoft MVP and industry expert, Don Jones

Netwrix is efficient: Built-in auditing capabilities are effective in that they capture significant changes made to the IT infrastructure, but leave much to be desired in the way of consolidating, reporting and analysis of those changes. That is where Netwrix comes in - rather than reinventing the wheel, Netwrix change auditing solutions use native auditing functionality, and simply enhance it with top-of-the-line audit consolidation and reporting capabilities that can be used optionally in agentless mode or non-intrusive agent-based mode.

The AuditAssurance™ technology, used in the Netwrix Auditor platform, consolidates the audit data from multiple independent sources (event logs, configuration snapshots, change history records, etc.), and therefore resolves the common auditing issues that usually occur when traditional auditing software and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions rely only on a single source of audit trail data.

Netwrix products have an inherently low impact on IT environments, and administrators can install them without worrying about the effects that Netwrix products might have on their existing environments.

"After spending a lot of time with Netwrix Auditor, I can attest that it does what it claims to do: makes it easy to keep up with modifications made to the important assets on your network so the consequences of those changes will not take you by surprise." – Deb Shinder, WindowSecurity.com

Netwrix is affordable: Netwrix provides an extensive set of award-winning solutions that can be purchased perpetually for less than one half of the price that customers might otherwise pay every year in maintenance on competitive products. All Netwrix solutions come with perpetual licensing, meaning that once a customer makes a purchase, it is theirs forever-no expensive annual renewal costs. As a result, Netwrix is able to offer the most affordable change auditing solution available. Netwrix makes change auditing affordable, and offers free trials of every product available.

"If you need AD reporting and want better protection, but don't want to spend a lot of coin, Netwrix should be the first stop in your product search." – Eric B. Rux, Windows IT Pro

Netwrix is #1 for change auditing, and by addressing the common challenges faced by IT departments everywhere, makes it easier than ever to begin auditing IT infrastructure changes.

Netwrix top-quality change auditing solutions have already been chosen by thousands of organizations around the world and won a lot of awards.

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