Netwrix Identity Management Solutions and Products

Without automation, identity management can be a tedious and resource-consuming task. Proper implementation of manual processes can be error-prone and very resource intensive, leaving no time and resources for other important IT projects. Identity management automation brings convenience, enhanced security, and sensible benefits to everyone in an organization.

Netwrix provides proven identity management solutions and products to help organizations solve their most pressing password management and identity lifecycle management issues. Netwrix solutions are recognized by thousands of customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies in all major industry verticals.

The following table lists the top 5 identity management challenges and Netwrix software that can help you solve these challenges:

Challenge Netwrix Provides
Forgotten passwords: High number of IT help desk calls related to passwords and lack of secure verification of password resets. Self-service password management eliminates password-related help desk calls, hardens network security, eases implementation of strong password policies.

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Locked out accounts: Resolving the problem is usually time-consuming, both in terms of the time spent by help desk personnel and the loss of productivity for the users. Users can unlock their accounts in a self-service fashion, through a convenient, Web-based, self-service portal and integration with the standard Windows logon procedure.

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Expiring passwords: Remote users (VPN, OWA), Linux, Mac desktops don't have password change prompts to remind users about expiring passwords. Remote users can be automatically notified of impending password expirations by email.

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User account de-provisioning: IT department is usually the last to know about terminated employees. Inactive user accounts can be automatically tracked and deactivated based on last logon time, making you and compliance auditors happy.

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Logon auditing: Tracking and analysis of both successful and failed logon and logoff events across an entire network can be very complicated with built-in Active Directory tools. Automatic consolidation, archiving, and reporting of user logon events from all Active Directory domain controllers, servers, and workstations.

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