Netwrix Password Manager

Self-service password reset solution for Active Directory

Since we're keeping a sharp focus on IT auditing with Netwrix Auditor platform, we're making Netwrix Password Manager no longer available for new downloads.

Netwrix will continue to support all current customers of Netwrix Password Manager as well as provide updates for critical issues if necessary.

Netwrix Password Manager is available in the Freeware and Standard Editions. Check the table below to identify which Edition suits you best. The Freeware Edition has certain limitations but never expires. The Standard Edition can be evaluated for free and without any limitations for 20 days. You may want to read more about Netwrix product editions for a detailed explanation of them.

Feature Freeware Edition Standard Edition (Free Trial)
Reset forgotten passwords Users can reset passwords and unlock their own accounts after successful answering identity verification questions
Unlock accounts
Self-service password change Self-service password change for domain users through a simple web form
Logon prompt extension Allows to reset password right on the logon screen, without having access to web browser
Disconnected mode of operation Allows remote users who don't have access to domain at logon time to reset password after answering verification questions
Password change reminder With password expiration alerting feature available in Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory (licensed separately) users are notified before passwords expire so that they can quickly change their passwords to avoid downtime and user frustration
Non-intrusive approach No changes in AD schema or system configuration are required
Web-based portal No installation on help desk computers and user desktops (unless you want to use the Logon Prompt Extension)
Helpdesk delegation Password resets and account unlocks can be easily delegated to help desk personnel
Auditing, security and compliance All password resets and account unlock operations are logged in detail for security and compliance purposes
Alerting about account operations Email alerts can be setup to notify administrators and end users about certain account operations, such as enrollments, password resets etc.
Support for SalesForce password reset can be done with ease and convenience
Tracking inactive user accounts Control of inactive user accounts can be automated with freeware Netwrix Inactive User Tracker tool, which checks all users and reports those that have been inactive for a specified number of days Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory (licensed separately) automatically deactivates inactive user accounts, either by disabling or setting a random password, moving to another OU, or finally deleting such accounts
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