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The October edition of Sysadmin Magazine is a great tool for keeping difficult things simple.

  • Top 5 free tools for account lockout troubleshooting
  • Getting Group Policy object precedence right
  • How to monitor user logоns in a domain
October 2019

In the September edition, find out how to successfully manage Cisco devices with a pack of our practical tips, commands and how-to’s.

  • Basic Cisco Router Configuration
  • How to Manage and Save Running Config on Cisco Devices
  • Cisco Troubleshooting Commands at Your Service
  • Why Native Network Device Auditing Is Not Enough
September 2019

The August edition explores the good, the bad and the ugly sides of permissions, delivering best practices for configuring access to your critical systems and data.

  • Privileged access management in Windows Server
  • Differences between share and NTFS permissions
  • How to manage file system ACLs with PowerShell scripts
  • Manage SharePoint permissions like a pro
August 2019

Packed with proven career advices and ultimate lists of the best IT management tools, this special edition of SysAdmin Magazine is a true weapon in the fight for a better IT world.

  • How to Create a Dynamite System Administrator Resume
  • 10 Best Free Active Directory Management Tools
  • Senior System Administrator: Job Description, Salary, Certificates
  • 10 Best Windows Server Monitoring Software Tools
July 2019

In the June edition of SysAdmin Magazine we’ve gathered a golden collection of how-to’s that help solve the top issues with AD, file servers and Windows Server.

  • How to create new Active Directory users with PowerShell
  • How to manage file system ACLs with PowerShell scripts
  • How to protect credentials in Windows Server 2016
  • [Bonus] How to automate PowerShell scripts with task scheduler
June 2019

In the May edition you'll find best practices and actionable tips for ensuring the security of your structured data — and gaining peace of mind.

  • 6 SQL Server security basics every database admin should know
  • How to implement row and column level security in SQL Server
  • Everything you want to know about SQL Server encryption
  • How to enable audit in SQL Server
May 2019

The April edition of SysAdmin Magazine sheds light on how you can implement and manage Group Policy in a smart and effective way. 

  • Group Policy: What is it and why it is critical for your security
  • Group Policy management tools and tactics
  • Top 10 Group Policy PowerShell commands
  • 6 Group Policy settings you need to get right
April 2019

Tired of all the manual tasks involved in managing your Windows file servers and ready to breathe new life into your daily sysadmin routine? Automate them!

  • 7 tricks for managing file system ACLs with PowerShell
  • The ultimate guide to file management with PowerShell
  • How to copy files from one server to another
  • [Webinar] 4 handy PowerShell commands for managing the file system
March 2019

Find everything you need to quickly transform from SharePoint noob to SharePoint guru: PowerShell commands, top reporting tools and tips for improving SharePoint security.

  • The most useful SharePoint PowerShell commands
  • Top 5 SharePoint reporting tools
  • 6 tips for improving SharePoint security
  • How to get a SharePoint permissions report
February 2019

The January edition is your guide to building a strong network. Learn all about network devices and get the list of the top network monitoring solutions.

  • Network devices explained
  • Network security devices you need to know about
  •  Why monitoring of network devices is critical for network security
  • Top 10 best network monitoring tools
  •  Network security best practices
January 2019

Don’t rely on North Pole bureaucracy to get the gift you deserve this holiday season. Click the link below and take what is rightfully yours:  the “Best of 2018” edition of SysAdmin Magazine.

  • Top 10 most common types of cyber attacks
  • The best system administrator certifications
  • Top 10 free system administrators tools
  • How to perform IT risk assessment
December 2018

Stay two steps ahead of rogue or careless admins and other privileged users with the help of the proven techniques you’ll find in the November edition of SysAdmin Magazine.

  • Privilege abuse explained
  • How to harden privileged account security
  • Top 7 Microsoft Windows Server features for managing privileged access
  • What is privilege escalation?
  • Free tool of the month: Effective Permissions Reporting Tool
November 2018

This issue provides a time-tested kit of Windows PowerShell commands that make the job of managing Active Directory easy and almost hands free.

  • Step-by-step guide for creating new Active Directory users
  • Most useful PowerShell commands for AD group management
  • Top tips for managing OUs and moving their objects
  • The five best free Active Directory management tools
October 2018

This edition of SysAdmin magazine will definitely make you feel like you’re on cloud nine because we reveal many handy tips for managing your Office 365 environment.

  • 10 most useful Office 365 PowerShell commands
  • A step-by-step guide to provisioning Office 365 accounts
  • Why native Office 365 and Azure AD auditing is not enough
  • Webinar: How attackers eхploit Office 365 vulnerabilities
September 2018

The August edition focuses on Windows Server security, detailing a mix of new and time-tested techniques to help you protect against, detect and respond to threats in your Windows Server environment.

  • 5 ways to protect credentials in Windows Server
  • Top 5 auditing techniques for Windows Server
  • 3 key Hyper-V security features in Windows Server
  • Webinar: Top 12 events to monitor in the Windows Server security log
August 2018

We’re dedicating our Sysadmin Day Special Edition to all the unsung heroes of server rooms. This issue is packed with tips and insights that will help sysadmins grow their careers and simplify their lives.

  • Best system administrator certifications for 2018
  • Systems administrator salaries in 2018
  • [Infographic] Key facts about system administrator jobs
  • Top 10 free system administration tools
July 2018

Hackers are always lurking nearby, ready to exploit any mistake you make in order to infiltrate your network. Stay one step ahead! Learn how they think, act and hide their nasty moves.

  • Top 10 most common types of cyber attacks
  • How I hacked 40 websites in 7 minutes
  • 4 steps you should take if you have been hacked
  • [Recorded Webinar Series] A hacker explains
June 2018

Learn how to use the forces of good – data discovery and classification tools and techniques – for safeguarding your most precious content and ensuring compliance.

  • Data classification explained: Why you should care and how to perform it
  • Using RegEx to find sensitive content
  • How to manage file system ACLs with PowerShell scripts
  • Microsoft File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) explained
May 2018

In this special edition, we cover the most critical information about the GDPR to prove that it’s not your enemy, but an opportunity to excel.

  • What is GDPR: 10 frequently asked questions
  • 5 reasons why GDPR will make you stronger
  • How to: 3 steps to comply with Article 25 §2 of the GDPR
  • Recorded Webinar Series: Achieve and maintain compliance with the GDPR
April 2018

Enjoy the best posts written by five 2018 Sysadmin Blog Award winners in this special edition of our magazine.

  • The network “hack” that wasn’t to be
  • 5 cloud security mistakes to avoid
  • 13 free InfoSec training resources for IT pros
  • Top reasons why ‘carpet bombing’ of phishing email endures
  • Free tool of the month: Event Log Manager
March 2018

Discover the shocking truth about the danger of over-privileged users and learn how to mitigate the risks of privilege abuse and data exposure.

  • What to know about the threat of privileged users
  • How to detect permission changes in Active Directory
  • Key lessons learned from data breaches caused by privilege abuse
  • Free tool of the month: Effective Permissions Reporting Tool
February 2018

Discover what threatens data that resides in the cloud and learn how to protect it, with the January edition of SysAdmin Magazine.

  • Infographic: Top Cloud Security Risks and Concerns in 2018
  • Expert Tips: All You Need to Know about Azure AD Password Policy
  • Recorded webinar: Cloud Security: Who is Responsible for Your Critical Assets?
  • Quick Reference Guide: Exchange Online Auditing
January 2018

The Best of 2017 edition highlights the hottest topics of this year. This is a perfect gift that you can download and make yours—no matter how nice or naughty you’ve been.

  • The Top 5 IT Security Trends for 2018
  • New Game: Save Xmas and Data!
  • Research Lab: Top IT Risks 2017
  • Top 5 Free Tools for File Permissions Reporting
December 2017

The November edition explores the most common IT security risks and offers effective techniques for assessing and reducing them so you can always win the security race.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know about IT Risk Assessment
  • Top 7 Common Mistakes in Active Directory
  • IT News: New Netwrix Auditor 9.5 and its IT Risk Assessment reports  
  • Tool of the Month: Bulk Password Reset
November 2017

In this special Halloween edition, we’ll walk you through the scariest IT stories and instruct you how to fight the danger in the most effective way.

  • To the Hell and Back: Story of a Ransomware Survivor
  • 3 Hair-Raising Ways Departing Employees Steal Your Data
  • Monster Inside: 4 Things You Should Never Store in Your Database
  • Survival Guide for a Victim of a Horrible Hack
October 2017