eBooks about Active Directory

Our free eBooks expose you to ways to bring more visibility into what's going on in your hybrid cloud IT environment. The collection includes overviews of critical aspects of systems auditing, deeper dives into important topics and a variety of white papers. Whether you're conducting general research or already evaluating vendors, you'll find resources to help.

This eBook is a comprehensive resource for both new and experienced AD admins. It details Active Directory structure, terminology and configuration, and also offers best practices for AD management and a useful list of reference materials.
In this white paper you will learn how to avoid conflicts and roadblocks when helping your company create and implement a formal and rigorous auditing policy.
In this white paper, Randy Franklin Smith discusses the 5 most important changes affecting the security of Active Directory, shows you how to audit these events using native auditing, and points out the limitations and gaps you should be aware of.
When users graduate from school, IT administrators must quickly deactivate a huge number of accounts in order to maintain security and compliance. See how an automated solution makes this tedious job faster and easier.
This white paper explains how to determine which changes in your environment merit inspection and explores the options you have for monitoring AD changes.
This white paper explains how Group Policy auditing can mitigate the risk of security breaches and compliance failures, and details the must-have features you need in a Group Policy auditing and reporting solution.
This white paper explains why auditing Group Policy is critical for security and business continuity, and explores your options for monitoring Group Policy changes.
This white paper explains why users let their passwords expire and explores your options for proactively reminding them when they need to reset their passwords.
In this white paper, renowned industry expert Don Jones explains how to easily improve Active Directory auditing with native tools without dramatically changing your IT infrastructure.
This white paper explains why change auditing is critical and identifies the features you need in a Windows Active Directory auditing solution.