Our free eBooks expose you to ways to bring more visibility into what's going on in your hybrid cloud IT environment. The collection includes overviews of critical aspects of systems auditing, deeper dives into important topics and a variety of white papers. Whether you're conducting general research or already evaluating vendors, you'll find resources to help.

This guide explains SharePoint permissions and permission groups, and SharePoint permissions best practices for securing your IT environment.
This tutorial will help you master Windows registry management, so you can successfully remediate unwanted changes that could degrade the performance of your computer or even damage it.
This white paper analyzes data from a survey of North American companies about their plans for GDPR and CCPA compliance and explains how companies can get ready to comply with these regulations.
This guide will help you take administration of Office 365 to a new level. It covers a variety of administrative tasks, from provisioning user accounts to troubleshooting Office 365 issues.
This eBook details key features of Windows Server 2016 that can help IT professionals enhance the security of their IT environments.
This eBook explains how your business services organization can ensure the security and integrity of client data, as well as prove regulatory compliance with less effort and expense, using Netwrix Auditor.
This eBook answers all of the most frequently asked questions about the GDPR, so you can stop panicking and start taking practical steps to achieve and demonstrate compliance with this rigorous new regulation.
This eBook details 10 key strategies that you can use to increase the precision of automated data discovery and classification with Netwrix Auditor.
This eBook will walk you through the most common reasons why departing employees can turn into a security nightmare and provide some tips on mitigating the risk of employee data theft.
This eBook explains how the integration between Netwrix Auditor and ServiceNow Incident Management can facilitate the timely discovery and effective handling of critical operational and security incidents across your IT environment.
This eBook explains how Netwrix Auditor can help you with data loss prevention and the specific functionality it offers to support data discovery.
With this eBook, you will learn how to protect your valuable assets, such as your intellectual property, your trade secrets and the databases that your ERP system relies on, from insider threats and external intruders.
This ebook explains how you can tackle critical challenges of your Identity and Access Management project using the visibility solution from Netwrix. You will learn what value Netwrix Auditor can deliver before, during and after your IAM rollout.
In this eBook you'll learn how to secure your intellectual property and sensitive customer data form insider threat and external attacks, while also ensuring availability of critical systems.
This eBook provides valuable insights into how Netwrix Auditor can help your energy sector organization become more resilient to service disruptions and cyber threats and achieve sustainable compliance with a variety of laws and regulations.
This handbook for IT executives notes a number of challenges that CIOs and CISOs of many enterprises across various industries face to prove compliance, reduce emerging cyber risks and efficiently manage software budgets.
In this eBook you’ll learn how to secure sensitive student data from insider threats and external attacks while also ensuring continuous educational resources availability.
In this eBook, you’ll learn how you can harden your government organization’s resilience to cyber threats, secure your highly sensitive information and pass compliance audits with far less effort.
In this eBook, you’ll learn how you can harden the security of your organization’s highly sensitive personal health information, as well as more easily prepare for and successfully pass compliance audits.
This eBook provides deep insights into how Netwrix Auditor can help your financial institution become more resilient to the cyber threats and pass regulatory compliance audits with less time and effort.
This eBook explains how ransomware can infect your computers and details best practices for limiting the damage it can do.
This eBook explores how the Netwrix Auditor Add-on for AWS delivers complete visibility into what’s going on in your AWS environment and provides the comprehensive auditing you need to ensure security and compliance.
This eBook explores how the Netwrix Auditor Add-on for ArcSight enhances your ArcSight data with intelligible context by transforming raw event logs into an easy-to-read user activity trail.
This eBook provides guidance on how to perform data security assessment on your file servers, SharePoint and Office 365.
This white paper provides an accessible, comprehensible overview of the various types of IT compliance, explores their basic concepts and commonalities, and offers guidelines for implementation.
This eBook explains how integrating of Netwrix Auditor with Splunk will give you a clear and complete user activity trail that contains who, what, when and where information, as well as details about Group Policy attribute changes, maximizing the value of your SIEM investment.
This eBook is a comprehensive resource for both new and experienced AD admins. It details Active Directory structure, terminology and configuration, and also offers best practices for AD management and a useful list of reference materials.
This Study Guide covers Microsoft’s 70-410 exam titled "Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012”. It is meant to supplement other study materials and help you successfully pass the exam.
In this white paper you will learn how to avoid conflicts and roadblocks when helping your company create and implement a formal and rigorous auditing policy.
In this white paper, Randy Franklin Smith discusses the 5 most important changes affecting the security of Active Directory, shows you how to audit these events using native auditing, and points out the limitations and gaps you should be aware of.
When users graduate from school, IT administrators must quickly deactivate a huge number of accounts in order to maintain security and compliance. See how an automated solution makes this tedious job faster and easier.
This white paper explains why auditing SQL Server is critical for security and compliance, and explores the options you have for monitoring changes to SQL Server.
This white paper explains why continuous monitoring of Exchange Server is critical to minimizing the risk of data breaches and business disruptions, and explores the options you have for auditing Exchange Server configuration, changes and access.
This white paper explains why it’s critical to audit Exchange Server and details the must-have features to look for in an Exchange auditing solution.
This white paper explains how to determine which changes in your environment merit inspection and explores the options you have for monitoring AD changes.
This white paper explains why effective monitoring of file server changes is critical for security and compliance, and details the key features to look for in an auditing solution.
This white paper explains how Group Policy auditing can mitigate the risk of security breaches and compliance failures, and details the must-have features you need in a Group Policy auditing and reporting solution.