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Miles & Stockbridge Ensures System Uptime with Netwrix Auditor

1 day per week
Saved on monitoring of user activities
People in the IT team

We wanted to see what happens across our IT infrastructure in one central location, without having to go through multiple different steps. Netwrix Auditor provides a single point of access and actionable information on the IT changes. Now we are more proactive and more efficient in our everyday work. We have enabled continuous user access to the IT systems and have capabilities to provide better user experience.

Maria Fleischmann, Technology Coordinator, Miles & Stockbridge

  • Ensure uninterrupted system performance.
  • Minimize risk of unwanted changes that could disrupt business continuity.
  • Simplify the routine of IT infrastructure monitoring.

I like that Netwrix Auditor is comprehensive and consolidates all data in one location. It provides visibility on all levels. We can see what is going on in the IT environment and quickly find incorrect changes or other suspicious activities that may cause system downtime. Our team saves about one day on monitoring tasks each week thanks to Netwrix Auditor.

Maria Fleischmann, Technology Coordinator, Miles & Stockbridge

Netwrix Solution

Maria chose Netwrix Auditor because it offered the right balance of features and value. Particularly, she liked that Netwrix Auditor provided search, monitoring and reporting functionality within a single console.

  • Continuous system availability. Maria uses reporting and the Interactive Search functionality to review IT changes across offices and systems. This enables her to detect changes that may cause service outages. When she needs specific details, she looks at a specific user activity and all changes related to this user. With the context around each change provided, Maria can investigate and react to incidents faster. Netwrix Auditor also ensures uninterrupted user access to the corporate IT systems, databases and communication programs, which enables users to work with clients more efficiently.
  • Simplified routine monitoring. Maria uses Netwrix Auditor to reduce workload on the IT team and perform routine monitoring tasks faster. For example, she uses the software to automatically track inactive user accounts, detect critical changes in Active Directory and revert them to the previous state when they are incorrect. As a result, Netwrix Auditor saves Maria and her team one day of work each week.
Key Benefits
  • Easier and faster IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Business continuity
Customer Profile

Miles & Stockbridge P.C. is a leading full-service law firm with more than 230 lawyers practicing in 7 offices across the mid-Atlantic region, including offices in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Founded in 1932, the firm represents business of various sizes, from national and global companies to local and emerging start-ups.

Customer: Miles & Stockbridge

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