Active Directory Recovery with Netwrix Auditor

Object and attribute–level Active Directory recovery without DC downtime

Below are examples of success stories and testimonials that illustrate the experience of some of our clients showing how Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory has successfully helped them.

Transplace: Streamlined Active Directory Change Auditing Provides Cost-Effective and Accurate SAS-70 Compliance

The information provided by Active Directory Change Reporter has become integral to our IT department and auditors. /Ambers Ferrara, Sr. System Administrator, Transplace/

Read Success Story Review: "Imagine that you accidentally deleted the wrong user container. You only wanted to delete your test accounts, but now all the users in your Active Directory are gone. You can either look for a new job, or just restore them with Netwrix Auditor."
- Michael Pietroforte,

"Today we backup system state using Quest´s Active Directory Restore. Personally I think that it is too complicated. Roses for your developers. Netwrix Auditor is simple and effective for Active Directory recovery. Anyone can do a restore without risking to overwrite the entire AD. I will consider to exchange Quest against Netwrix."
- Jakob Bjarnson

"Without restoring full [Active Directory] backups... at the transactional level, this is really compelling... In a free utility! Kudos to these guys for putting this utility out there and allowing that much power for free!"
- Doug Toombs on RunAs Radio podcast