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IT risk monitoring

As a security professional, there are three things you want to know: where your sensitive data is, what the users are doing, and what privileges they have. Netwrix provides you a quick, broad view of everything you need to know. What I also like is that Netwrix enables me to secure data and the IT environment without interrupting business processes for users.

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  • Secure a considerable amount of proprietary and client data.
  • Gain full control over activity across the IT infrastructure, with increased focus on the file shares containing sensitive content.
  • Prove the reliability of internal controls during regular audits conducted by clients.

Now I can ensure that neither regular users nor third-party vendors have excessive access to sensitive data, without interrupting business processes. I get the insight into data exposure, so I can make a more surgical fix, instead of blindly locking it down, which may affect employees’ workflow.

Dino Londis, Information Security Manager, Day Pitney

Netwrix Solution

Dino chose Netwrix for its accurate data discovery capabilities and agentless audit data collection that does not degrade system performance. 

  • Continuous discovery of sensitive data. Once Dino deployed Netwrix, he identified the location of all sensitive content. He scanned all shares with the built-in taxonomies; identified different categories of data, including cardholder data, personal health information and GDPR data of clients who do business in Europe. He verified that the data is stored in secured locations. Dino runs this discovery and classification process on a weekly basis, since new documents are created almost every day.
  • Better control over user privileges. Netwrix provides Dino with precise information about who has access to what sensitive data and how they got that access. He regularly works with data owners to verify that these rights are in line with business needs. He gets alerts whenever a user is added to a highly privileged group, so he can check right away whether the change was approved by management. He leverages the report on mailbox delegation and permissions changes to ensure that only authorized administrative assistants have access to attorneys’ mailboxes.
  • Visibility into IT risks. Dino uses the risk assessment dashboard extensively to drill down and find where something is off balance. He detects accounts with passwords that never expire, inactive user accounts that are not disabled, and potentially harmful files like executables or scripts. He keeps tabs on potential risks to the IT environment and data.
Key Benefits
  • Improved security of sensitive data
  • Enforcement of the least-privilege principle
  • Continuous identification of IT risks
Customer Profile

Day Pitney is a full-service law firm with more than 300 attorneys in 13 offices in Boston, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, D.C. The firm offers clients strong corporate and litigation practices, with experience on behalf of large national and international corporations as well as emerging and middle-market companies. With one of the largest individual clients practices on the East Coast, the firm also has extensive experience assisting individuals and their families, fiduciaries and tax-exempt entities plan for the future.

Customer: Day Pitney

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